Some input improvements

  1. Please allow us to assign a different key for selling items (e.g. Shift-Click). That would allow players to read scrolls/recipes or assign components while in a merchant menu. The current scheme is a break of consistency as a right click in the inventory does not always mean the same thing.

  2. Consider changing local map moving to right mouse button. That would allow the player to walk around with the map open. Customizable transparency would be neat in that respect. I know that it’s possible to click-hold outside the map and then move around, but it’s a bit of a hassle.

  3. Maybe add a button on the map to return to Devil’s Crossing to simplify moving there without scrolling all over the place. Maybe even a list of all core locations (DC, Homestead, etc)

  4. When sorting the inventory, make sure that completed components go first. It needs some experience to tell apart which ones are done and which are not. I guess many people only use components when they’re completed so that would be quite convenient.

I just saw that 3. is already being discussed elsewhere. Nevermind.