Some Items Disappeared after update

I am having a very horrifying issue where a lot but not all items are gone when I login. These items were once equipped, stored in character inventory, and transfer stash. I do not use steam cloud save and I have to admin, my latest backup is almost two months ago, pretty much completely wiping out my latest (best) character. I have 1000 ish hours in the game and trying to play legit as possible so my time spent gathering items is very important. I am sure you guys are far smarter than I am. I am open to all suggestions and options at this point. I emailed crate support but they don’t have access to any of my equipment or saves as it is all offline. Any thoughts or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

I just figured out, the items missing are all from the new, expansion content, if that helps at all.

Doesn’t really “help” you but it’s worth noting that they do not have access to any of your files even if you were using cloud saving and online. If they need access to your files they would then direct you to zip up and email them.

Edit: Upon closer reading I think maybe you are implying that their response to you was that everything was offline so there is nothing they could do for you? Which is pretty close to what I would expect since there is nothing that they could really do in this situation except manually add all your items back in for you. But there are various programs that exist already that can do this for you and if you truly want them back without farming this is exactly what you would need to do to get them back.

Grim Dawn Trained Hard would probably be the way to go.

You can spawn in any item you need I believe. Don’t think of it as not being legit. Instead, think of it as recovering from a car wreck and doing what you need to do to get well again. Use it to give yourself justice and then delete the program from your computer. Your morals and integrity will remain intact and noone is going to hold it against you.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the game but with no luck.

I did notice something else however. Before I uninstalled, none of the changes made to Devil’s Crossing post act 5 were in effect. Very odd. After the reinstall, it is now displaying correctly again but all expansion items still gone. So frustrating.

Thank you for the response. I will take a look into that program.

Downloaded GDTH and now cant get the tool to copy items into the game. Just crashes. Maybe I will have to wait for a new update to the tool.

When you say your latest backup was 2 months ago do you mean one stored in a separate location? Because the game backs up continuously and for local saves you can find them under C:\username\My Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save\main.

You could try it with GD Stash instead.