Some more bugs

Bug 1: House build site is overlapping with adjacent house on the right. Mabye caused by the high difference of the terrain after flattening. Steam Community :: Screenshot

Bug 2: Arriving people got stuck. Not sure if they couldnt move because they were blocked by a dead body. After flattening the terrain around them they started to move again. Steam Community :: Screenshot

Bug 3: Herbs spawn in water and cannot be collected. The map was “arid highlands” (I think thats how its called) Steam Community :: Screenshot

Was the save with the herb floating made before v0.7.5 or after?

I just loaded the save game that says version 0.7.4 and the herbs were already in the water

Ok, as stated in the patch notes, that fix was not retroactive. Only new maps benefit from it.

Changes to world generation are never retroactive.

On my map – lowland lakes – they’re doing that, too. Can’t collect 'em.

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