some newbie questions about game and tainted power

Hello guys, its my 3th day on grim dawn, im level 48 warlock now, im trying to learn the basics of the game and i have a few questions.

I use Albrecht’s Aether Ray + Disintegration as my main damage. Most of my gear gives %Aether Damage and %Fire Damage so it usualy 1-2 shots many monsters in veterian. But its getting harder to survive now ^^; Anyway,

If i use Tainter Power, does my whole %Aether Damage comes from my gear and Devotion still power up Albrecht’s Aether Ray or not? Cuz it says %100 Aether Damage converted to Chaos Damage.

Which stats should i seek primarily on gear? Im trying to get %Aether Damage %Fire Damage Spirit and Offensive Ability for now. Hope this will carry me until level 85 ^^

Also is there a “Scepter Crafting” option on crafters? I coulnt see. Im using the same scepter weapon since level 25 and havent find any good.


Tainted Power will change it to Chaos damage, so your % Aether Damage wouldn’t help it.
The most important stats on your gear will be resistances. Anything you mentioned is good, but it should only come after resistances.
Yes, there is a scepter crafting, if I remember correctly it’s called “implement” or something like that.

Damage modifiers will be used for final damage type. If you convert Aether into Chaos, it will be increased by % increased Chaos Damage, and wont be improved by %increased Aether Damage any longer.

There is “implement” crafting if i’m correct, it includes both daggers and sceptres.

Alright got it, thanks guys :slight_smile: