Some skills need better sound/visualization

After playing ~5 different characters/specs I’ve used nearly every skill and here are the skills that are very frustrating to use because of how bad the visual/sound effects are;

Devouring Swarm

The projectile is decent, could be better, but it’s incredibly frustrating not knowing which mobs I’ve hit with it and when the debuff is gone. I’ve just resorted to guessing and spamming. Since it’s an incredibly important skill/debuff it would be nice to know exactly which mobs are effected by it.

Grasping Vines

While I understand the aim of the visual effect, it’s not easy to know how wide the are of effect is, and the visual effect gets heavily distorted by ground vegetation or brown-colored ground. A lot of times I will try casting it right on top of another because I simply can’t see the existing one.

Tsunami (Devotion skill)

Just terribly underwhelming visual and audio. Looks & sounds like a frontal fart, not a Tsunami. It travels far too slow as well.

Blade Arc

When put onto the 5 second cooldown this becomes a very important skill to hit with, but with all the procs and frontal weapon swings this skill gets lost in the effects to the point I have to look down at my skillbar to see if I just used it or not. Especially because it requires a melee target and will often not get used immediately when clicking the hotkey, but rather forcemove you to the target first. If you use another skill before you reach the target suddenly it never gets used & because of the effects you won’t even know it.

Elemental Seeker

This devotion skill has one of the most demanding prerequisites of any constellation… yet it’s just a floating glowing ball? I was expecting an ethereal fiery creature. Very underwhelming.

Howl of Mogdrogen

Another extremely hard-to-reach devotion skill… that has absolutely no effect but a tiny generic buff icon. Disappointing.

Giant’s Blood

See: Howl of Mogdrogen

I am all for getting better visual cues for AoE attacks and the like. I’m not going to say that the overwhelming majority of my deaths have been due to not being able to distinguish enemy attacks from the background, but a not underwhelming chunk have been.

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