Some sort of warning of unallocated/unused Celestial Powers?

This may sound like a simple and trivial issue, but I do keep falling into a sort of a Catch-22 situation.

Here is one example that I have had to make a PHYSICAL NOTE RECORD of as a memory aid when playing a specific character.

I have the Amber component on a weapon, It grants “Empowered Lightning Nova”, I have the “Bull Constellation” and assign the Celestial Power “Bull Rush” to “Empowered Lightning Nova”.
Awesome … The synergy and damage is exactly what I want.

I find a new upgraded weapon, add my current Augment and the Amber component. If I don’t remember that “Empowered Lightning Nova” should have “Bull Rush” assigned to it, it gets lost and it can take quite a while for me to realize that it is missing as it is easy to miss the effect as the Nova blast effect usually obscures it.

This also happened a few times when I had assigned a Celestial Power to a MOVEMENT GLYPH and then upgraded the glyph. By changing the movement glyph you automatically lose any Celestial Power that was assigned to it.

Yes, you guys can tell me to take my “Memory Pills” and remember to re-apply the powers. I have tried those, but I think they have lost their effect these days :dizzy_face:

Sometimes you will only notice the loss when you go into the devotion screen and see the very subtle little question mark on a power bonus, or if your memory is good — “Where has my power gone?” on the item when you mouse over it’s icon in the Action Bar, or quite literally when you are getting your ass handed to you unexpectedly with your new upgraded item!

Quite frankly, I don’t know guys … ?
This is at the end of the day a true RPG game, so you are sort of expected to maintain and equip your characters and keep your own notes outside of the gaming environment, much in the vein of classic games like Dungeons and Dragons.

Maybe a better and bigger visual icon in the Devotion Screen that screams at you, highlighting any unused powers :boom:?
A popup warning you on attempts to replace an item,grant or skill that has a Celestial Power assigned?

These are probably not possible or easy implemented in the game engine anyway, so my current solution is to rely on my own hard copied notes per character.
In reality I treat this as a part of Grim Dawn’s RPG implementation and accept that this is something that is my responsibility, but HEY!, a few visible indicators would help us Memory Challenged Players :confounded:.

Anyone else have similar issues or ideas?

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I like it. Maybe some flickering inscription above main health bar like “you got a unused celestial power”, idk