some suggestions and issues

  1. i don’t know whether my settings’ issue, at certain location, there’s no shadow displayed( i trid to set settings to high). if it’s not my fault, i think the shadow need improvement, no shadow looks not realistic and it’s not good.
    have shadow

    no shadow

  2. a special inventory box to put materials ( i mean equipments and materials don’t use the same inventory, after sorting materials automatically be put to sepacial material box)
    like this

  3. campfire lighting flickers too much

  4. each start, game auto displays many achievements, where to shut them down? i mean no need to display everytime, display once wheyn you complete the achievement is enough.

  5. an game setting option to enable/disalbe: display the font “blocked”, whey player’s shield successfully blocks one attack.
    like what damage and critical damage does, so you could see and know your shield have blocked one attack.