SOmeone Please help

CAn someone please Pm me and help me transfer some iron bits so I can create my mules to store all of my item sets, I need to transfer iron for tabs pleaseeeee.

Just use one of the third party stash tools like Grim Dawn Item Assistant or GDStash. You can even use GDStash to give your characters their extra inventory bags.

how do I use the tool to give my mule the extra tabs in the smuggler? plz help

Install a Java64 virtual machine if you don’t already have one on your PC, install GDStash, configure it and then import the database. Then go to the crafting section and choose quest items to search for. In there you’ll find inventory bags. Put some in your transfer stash (you can say how many you want). Then in game your character takes out however many bags they need (max 5) and drops them on the ground. Pick them up and the extra bags will appear.

Why not use GDStash to store items instead? Seems a bit roundabout. Unless you have some objections against using a external storage tool that is.

well I do not want to use outside stash tools because I just don’t feel strongly about them I much rather make mules and do it in game and stash everything …