[Something Clever about Storms]: Stormserpent Trickster (SR75, controller friendly)

Part thirteen of my controller friendly build series: **Lightning Savagery Stormserpent Trickster **.

Grimtools link.

I’m not crazy about this build. Mostly because I don’t like having to cast Wendigo Totem and Wind Devil. Also because it has somewhat low resist reduction, so it feels like it doesn’t do as much damage as it should. That said, it does a lot of damage, with 180k sheet DPS and 102% WPS. However, it doesn’t crit often enough to fully take advantage of Stormcaller’s Pact, and the whole build doesn’t quite live up to my initial expectations about its damage. As a result, this is going to be a quicker guide, focusing on key attributes of the build. I have no doubt that it can clear SR80 with good mutators and enemies, but I have no interest in doing so.

Video proof of clear

Fight tips

  • Defense: while it doesn’t have many points, Wendigo Totem + Blood Pact makes a huge difference in your healing. Against bosses, you should always be inside a totem’s buff range. Since it takes a second to arm, against the toughest bosses you may need to burn Blade Barrier to survive the casting of Wendigo Totem.


As usual, the resists are overcapped to deal with resist reduction on high SR.

Essential Gear:

  • Stormserpent Set: converts cold and piercing to lightning. Takes up the head slot, but it makes this build work.

  • Crystallum: I’m not entirely sure how the 60 degree arc + 2 target maximum interact with WPS, but even in terms of single target damage Crystallum is the clear choice.

  • Korvaak’s Brand: gives a WPS, and great DPS boosts to Savagery, but the 6% Savagery to health is the most important part.

  • Eye of the Storm: the flat lightning damage is irreplaceable.

Unsure stuff:

  • Rings: needed Lifegiver Signet to survive, but it doesn’t have much synergy with this build. I considered the Justice ring set, but decided it wasn’t worth both ring slots.

  • Amulet: I was shock by how much damage this contributes, so I couldn’t justify taking it out for something like Thread of Mortality.

  • Dawnshard Grip: not sure about this

  • Ultos’ Spaulders: not sure that this is the best way to finish Savagery


Aside from Widow and Rhowan’s Crown, almost everything is focused on making this build not die.

Skill Choices
  • Stormcaller’s Pact: looked great in theory, but this build doesn’t crit enough to really make use of its crit bonus.

  • (Execution): needed the points for defense, but I was able to get to100% WPS with a Seal of the Void.

  • (Amarasta’s Blade Burst/Lethal Assault): the cold damage is converted, but I needed the points for defense. On a controller, adding this required moving something to right arrow key, which isn’t ideal.

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Neat build. Trickster is a very point hungry class, it’s hard to get both good damage and survivability with it.

Foehammer I’d agree w you there its a very juggling yet tightrope act w the NB and Shaman pairings, every dual mastery class has both pros and cons equally weighing each other regardless of the playstyle yet build too peace.