Something I'd love for Components in Modding Tools

I posted quite some time ago about trying to find a way to make it so that as you keep adding components to a piece of gear that it would continuously raise the required level.

So for example you have a new component that has a max stack of 10. It’s required level on using a single partial stack would be level 2. By the time you complete the component on the equipment you now have to be level 20. This way the benefit keeps getting better but you need to keep leveling if you want to be able to take advantage of it.

At the time, there was no way of doing this with the way that components were handled. If that is easy enough to implement, that would be amazing for a mod I have planned.

If not that, one thing that would help go a long way as an alternative would be to be able to make partial components be ingredients for crafting at a blacksmith. Last time I tried doing something like that I could only use partial components as a part of the result.

Thank you and congratulations on your upcoming expansion!

You’ve been able to craft partial components since the modtools released.

Inside an itemArtifactFormula blueprint file, set forcedRelicCompletion to false. Setting it to true will create a completed component.

As for stacking multiple different components on gear, that’s not likely to ever be a thing.

Maybe I’m thinking of using partial components as a crafting requirement. One of those does not work.

And the idea was not to allow different types of components to be used, but rather to have a component that for example had these stats:

+10 Constitution
+2 character level requirement

You’d be able to keep using the same partial component on it to increase the constitution until it reaches the max stack and completes, but each time you used it the level requirement on the item would increase. Currently using an increase to level requirement on a component has no effect on the item it’s effecting.