Sorcerers Ulzuin's Infernal Avatar build and Mythical Band of Eternal Pyre

Would it be worth replacing the second ring (Mythical Time-Flux Band) with another Mythical Band of Eternal Pyre? I’m having issues with Ulzuin’s Infernal Avatar because of the Lightning Damage, that I feel is a waste, as I’m not using Grenado nor running a Lightning Canister Build.

Would 40-60% Light/Cold conversion be more beneficial (Star Pact, Ulzuin set pieces, etc) than other ring choices?

The build is for one of my HC characters, so it’s not optimal when it comes to damage.

Conversion only affects flat damage (“x lightning damage”) and not %damage so lightning to fire conversion doesn’t benefit you the slightest, keep the good stats of the time-flux band.

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Thank you for the quick answer.

So there is no way for me to make use of the lightning damage on the set, unless I go lightning canister or Grenado?

Also, if I don’t benefit from the conversion, would it be a better idea to just replace the Mythical Band of Eternal Pyre that I already have in the build?

That pyre ring seems pointless here, if just grants some %fire damage and a damage proc, you could use a Reign of Ice and Fire or Combustion Band instead

The lightning damage is there if someone wants to play lightning canister, the set lets you choose between fire or lightning (or even both)

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