Sound Issue

This is a technical issue but not a bug, and im not sure where else to put it. It does affect the game experience so here is as good as any i guess.

The voice dialog is very muted. I have all other volume sliders at half the dialogue volume and I still have to strain to hear some one the dialoge. Major dialog sometimes comes in loud and clear, but merchants and minor character seem to have a directional effect. If they are just slightly to the right of center of the screen, the dialog only comes through the right front speaker and it’s very muted.

I have tried loudness equalization and speaker fill but nothing really brings those voices to the front. Considering that its isometric and not first person the directional effect is really not needed at all for voice dialog. Is there anything I am missing to get the voice sound working well?

Just a thought, but is your speaker config matching your audio output? If you’re outputting in 7.1 but only have a 2 speaker setup for example, then you’d get this effect with extreme sensitivity to location.

May have helped some. The 5.1 setting was right but all of them were set to full dynamic range speakers. Setting them as satellites with sub woofer improved sound quality a lot and there are directional effects in the environment and battles now. The voices are better localized, they move around as I move around, but they are still quiet. Louder than before but quiet, well below the music and effects(which are are ultra loud), even though the sliders are half the voices. Ill try loudness equalization with the new settings next time.