Sound issues on Xbox Series


i am experience sound issues on xbox series, i guess. Its seems some sounds are missing or just out of place or is this just normal? Some monsters doesnt make any sound, just seems very weird.!AuQq8F2P9gMEbPmmvG7dymyepJs?e=GdI9ZW

I uploaded a clip to my OneDrive. I hope this works. You cant hear the spells from the monster, nothing.

I don’t think it’s any different than in my PC version. Some effects are rather quiet, but they’re there.

Sounds pretty normal to me

While I didn’t listen to the sample above (on mobile) I also came here to write about a sound issue on Xbox. I think enemy sounds are extremely muted. I realized this first at Darkvale Gate and necropolis, where I think typically you hear those famous “kill the non believer” sounds. I don’t hear them on Xbox. Only their typically sound effect was played really really quiet.
Also music seems to “disappear”. It starts when you enter a new region, but soon there’s no more music.

No deal breaker for me, but compared to PC (but only recalled from memory) it doesn’t sound ok. If needed I can also try to record a video, fiddle with the settings or even try a PC/Xbox comparison.

@Zantai, I think this should be moved to bugs. I’m now confident, that Xbox is missing, or not having enough volume for the enemy sounds. Their typical sounds, as well as their speech files. I retested in PC and it’s dead silence on Xbox

My setup: Xbox Series X, eArc connected Samsung HW-Q80R

Thank you!

Exactly this

“Xbox: Fixed a bug affecting sound volume levels.”

they were/are already on it :wink: