🧩 SpaceChem

I’m on my first day and need to sleep over this to become better.

The bottom reactor is slowing down everything.

So far I have been more or less in the middle field, but the above construction was most inefficient - the graph on the left compares my result to those of the community…

Nevertheless, it’s a fun game, and it’s hilarious to create convoluted solutions :smiley:

Its a good game Space Chem. :slight_smile:
I havnt played it in a while now but one trick is once you have it working shrink it down a bit. from the look the bottom reactor could be sped up by moving some of the lines tighter.
Also if you only split off 1H each time so you have a C3H to combine instead.
So many ways to make it work. one of the good things about the game.

I might have to boot it up again. :slight_smile:

That was my initial plan, but in this mission you start with CH4 and I could not find a way to splt off only one H atom. It were either two or none.

You can move the split/combine points in the reactors, that should help

Not in this mission - each reactor can either only combine or only splt molecules. So I was not able to recombine CH2 and H to CH3 in the first reactor (where I split CH4 into CH2 and 2x H), which would have helped a lot.

I’ll hjave to have a look again. been a long time

So just had another look, if you try drag and drop the Bonder circles in either reactor you can shift where they sit in the reactor. you cant move them between reactors but should be able to adjust where they sit in the reactor itself allowing you to be more compact.
I’ll try get a screen shot to show one of mine

Here you go

Oh, I missed that when Bonders were introduced :blush:

Again in the middle field after salvaging my prior design

I was very impressed with your design to get around not moving them though.

You made me go back and have another go in a few missions last night again though, still havent finished the final mission, though I think I’m a lot closer now then I was. But I did go through and try clean up some of my old designs as well which was sweet.