Spammable OOFand a pet for Arcanist would be good imho

Arcanist is the only mastery that gives the player a support skill to a playstyle while not offering anything to work with it on its own. This has always been a huge oversight and hardly anyone uses Arcanist for pet builds as a basis. At most Warlock with Bysmiel set, but otherwise the pet classes go for a combination of Shaman, Necro and Occultist with very few exceptions, since those three masteries not only have the neccessary pets but have support skills like buffs, debuffs, heals and the like that.
As to an entirely new skill, pretty sure there are mods which do that already, and I see no reason why we cannot get a some mastery adjustments. It has been 3 years and this is probably the last expansion, so leaving the masteries which have not changed in those 3 years while everything else has, even attributes though it hardly helped with the Physique dominance, so I say it is time to take a good look at them and maybe even out some of the weaknesses and I am sure Arcanist is not the only mastery with problems, apart from its lack of reliable RR shred.

Crate are always adjusting masteries where they think it’s needed, you only have to look at the patch notes to see that.

Well…tbh, skills like flametouched and word of renewal can benefit pets as well, yet the demolitionist and inquisitor have no pets either

Neither has a mutator which explicitly is for pet builds. Tell me how many pet builds incorporate Arcanist? The only one I can think of is Bysmiel Set.

They tweak numbers. They have never overhauled them like they did for example certain sets like the Iskandra set which went from a generalist set to a TSS supporting set.

Must every class be equally proficient in every possible playstyle?

Every character should have masteries that make sense. Either give Arcanist a pet or change the mutator or give other classes the ability to share one of their toggles/buffs.

As it stands the mutator is completely and utterly out of place and a waste of space. Same cannot be said about the other skills.

I mean…

  1. Phys/elemental conversion for the player isn’t useless
  2. I’m pretty sure @superfluff made a pet build using the arcanist back in AoM

EDIT: Will the other benefits in the IEE skill line also benefit pets? E.g. Crit from elemental balance?

Just gonna tag @maya in this, coz (s)he’ll probably know

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There are always exceptions, but that does not mean that the general rule is broken. What is more I already said that there is a Raven Bysmiel build with Arcanist out but that is basically it.

To my knowledge, if it is not under a pet line in the description it will in general not benefit them, though I could be wrong.

So…why can’t the IEE transmutor just exist to allow for the occasional pet-centered-arcanist-exception?

Beastcaller Druid can work as well to an extent. It’s not as good as Conjurer (as it is more flexible and has more buffs for pets in Occultist) but it is an option.

Yes. The main benefits Arcanist provides in a pet build are the IEE skill and defense/utility (Maiven’s Sphere, Mirror, Nullification).

Auras (buffs with a radius to them) will benefit pet-scaled pets as well just as they benefit allies, even if it does not specify in the skill description.

You can verify this by summoning a pet with a portrait (like the Briarthorn) and casting skills like Flame Touched, IEE, Blood of Dreeg etc., you’ll see the skill icon beneath their portrait and the graphic effect around the pet and appropriately - their damage will increase. Skills that improve resistances like Oakskin in an aura will also reflect on your pet’s total resists but only if at least one pet is currently in/effected by the aura.

Yes including Dots from overload an i have a build with it in the works too

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there is:
Chaos cadence
Pierce cadence
Lightning cadence
Cold cadence
Aether cadence
Acid cadence.

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And this somehow means we cannot have an aether/elemental pet? Seriously? This is not even a comparable situation. The only reason we have so many cadence damage types via conversions is because otherwise you would have hardly any properly working class combinations if there were no damage conversions. Arcanist does not have that proble, right from the start it worked with most classes.

I find it funny how people are always so adamant even when minor changes are suggest. Even better, no one has commented on the OFF suggestion.

Why can the Transmuter not be more useful outside of utterly niche builds which would have been better if you had chosen Shaman, Necro or Occultist over Arcanist? Why so much resistance to sensible changes? Would a pet kill the Arcanist class? Would it ruin anything? Or maybe it would actually open up new builds but hey, who would want that, right?

Because that’s what most transmutors do.

  1. Cold DE
  2. 2H BH
  3. War cry’s transmutor
  4. cadence transmutor,
  5. PS transmutor

etc. etc. etc.

You’re extremely unlikely to get a new mastery skill added at this point. Since the game’s full release, I have never seen a skill outright get added or removed - transmuters have been added or changed and in rarer circumstances, so have skill modifiers (like Skyfire Grenado to Shattering Blast) but not once has an all new skill been added to an old mastery.

You’d have more success asking for an Aether/Elemental pet on a new item somewhere, or asking for Arcanist support on an already existing pet items.

Flash Freeze is a debuff. Spamming it won’t stack the effect. Unless the skill got overhauled to work like Judgment (which has been asked for previously and has not happened up until this point), it’s not changing. Pretty sure Zantai is happy with the purpose OFF serves at this point regardless of how much some people might disagree.

Mate, I feel like people would be more willing to engage you in this discourse should you tone down the condescension.

Just my 2 cents worth



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You could replace the secoond text box with…

“Don’t make a good thing a bad thing.”