Special components for mundane items

One thing that kinda bugs me is the enormous amount of yellow/green drops that look interesting, but you know that there is 95% chance that a Legendary will just be better.

I was thinking that if there were a line of components that could be applied only to generic greens/yellow – not MIs! —this could make them more competitive and interesting. Perhaps even as an extra layer.

Such components would not be available for purples or green MIs.

*The end effect would be not to overshadow Legendary purples, but to bring many of the random drops to a point where some of the interesting but weaker benefits could be a viable alternative.

Zantai: We’re not adding any more components, there are too many already. So he said in a stream a little while ago. And surely you can apply components to anything.

Well, it could be a vendor that adds some tweak to a mundane item. Much like the smiths, but with found items. …and a bit more interesting bonuses:
-for example: 10% stun resist, 2% LL, etc etc.

Doesn’t have to be a component.

I actually think that most of rare items (or MIs) are even better than legendaries. I mean, you can overcap your resists with like 5 pieces of armor and also can increase your damage by an enormous amount if you go elemental damage for example.

That’s just my opinion, though. I know rares are hard to get. Kinda.

Maybe, but I was more referring to the generic prefix/suffix on the non-MIs.

I doubt I’ve seen many end-game builds (if any) with a mundane green in 3+ slots.

How about a rare class of things that can only put in yellow and they increase in scale the already properties of the yellow. Of course these materials shouldn’t be too easy to find.

Those things aren’t meant to be selected over legendaries/MIs. They’re the base weapons for a reason. Let’s keep it that way.