Specs information needed!

hello guys,

I started playing Grim Dawn around my friends house and din’t know anything about steam so he enlightened me on the download source free/paid games etc so i get home and downloaded Grim Dawn from Steam to my desktop dell PC but it won’t play it and it is driving my crazy. To be honest it is quite an old PC so if i upgrade the RAM and the Graphics card to will this fix the problem?? i have found a 16GB RAM and a GeForce GTX 960 OC for sale on a classified ads site, will i be able to just attach them to my PC and everything will be cool or do i need to download other system updates or even add more to the inside of my PC???

Thanks everyone!!


It’s kind of hard to tell with the limited details you gave.
“old” and “desktop dell PC” don’t tell us much about your computer.

  • What is your CPU processor ?
  • How much RAM have you got as of now ?
  • What OS are you using (windows/linux ?) Is it running in 32 or 64bits ? Which version of Direct X are you running ?

From what I understand of it, Grim Dawn is pretty demanding in terms of CPU.

On a side note, you might want to check before you buy that GC if it is compatible with your motherboard, your CPU and your power-supply block.

Wow i new i was a beginner at this but there is a lot more to take into consideration than expected.

  1. Intel core i5 2nd gen
  2. 8GB RAM
  3. Windows 10 64 bit

And the last 1 is new to me… how do i check compatibility??

thanks psyclown

English is not my native language, so I apologize if my wording may be a bit unusual.
I’m far from being an actual pro on those kind of things, but if I can help :

  • compatibility with the motherboard :

You have to check if your motherboard has a PCI Express slot available :
(if you have no idea of what it looks like, search for pictures of it on the net) then open your PC, take a look at your motherboard and you will quickly be able to tell. On most motherboards, it’s written, “PCI - something” near the slot.

  • compatibility with your CPU :

Don’t worry, your intel-i5 is fine.
Well, here, “compatibility” isn’t the best word to describe it. Simply put, your CPU needs to be recent (“powerful”) enough to be able to really work as intented with the addition of a graphic card.

  • power-supply :

Power-supply blocks are quite “weak” on most non-gaming PCs. Actually, a graphic Card needs a pretty amount of power in order to work (cooling and venting).
You can see on the picture, the two fans on the graphic card : they will be working at all time and they will speed up a lot when you will be playing games.

I can’t tell how much power you need. That depends on a lot of things.

All I know is that, when I installed a graphic card into my non-gaming PC (quite a long time ago) the power-supply block was the first thing to die, about 6 months after…

I built my gaming PC about 4 years ago and I have a 650W power-supply block, but that’s because I have 1 fan dedicated to the CPU-cooling block and two other fans, one on each side of the box. Plus a graphic card, plus additional hard-drives…

I don’t know if that helps at all…
You should ask some one more familiar with the tech, honnestly, before you buy.

A Win10 64 bit machine should have no problems running the game. My Win7 64 bit runs it fine and it’s 5 years old now.

This may help:


Also make sure your graphics card is up to date, drivers, etc.

Also see this thread:


I use Windows 7 64 bit

Also if you do open up yer case (since you are a beginner) don’t be sticking your fingers in there touching the motherboard without grounding yourself first. That’s a good way to fry the board and then be left wondering why your computer no longer works.

If you are intent on upgrading my advice is to either find a friend who is knowledgeable and coerce them into assisting you or read/research carefully prior or pay a computer shop to do the deed for you.

If you go in blind as a beginner it’s all too easy to make a mess of it.

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