Spectral Longsword, Chillstrife, Loxmere or Malkadarr's Dreadblade for DW Spellbreaker

I am building a HC Spellbreaker and I was watching rekt’s video on his spellbreaker.

He mentioned chillstrife, and malkadarr as being possible replacement for the spectral longswords.

Based on the drops i’ve had, and grimtools, it really seems like a well rolled spectral longsword is BIS for the DW spellbreaker, or am I missing something?

Do you mean Shadow Strike? Without 1 Spectral I don’t think you can get 100% Pierce to Cold
so perhaps 1 Spectral + 1 Loxmere? Or 2 Loxmeres still?

To get a chance of 100% conversion, you will need 2x spectrals and say the sentinel mask.
I don’t get the need to convert pierce to cold, shouldn’t we be converting physical to cold instead?
The swords do physical not pierce and only 25% get converted to pierce, and the daggers do cold. Or i am misunderstanding some mechanics.

I thought this: 1 Spectral is 50% conversion and the remaining 50% you get from other standard Nightblade gear like Alkamos Rings and Gloves. And Pierce conversion might be useful in general, for example for Blade Spirits

Well Spectral does convert all your Physical to Cold for Shadow Strike, otherwise I wouldn’t consider it for sure.