Spectral longswords OP?

I have recently returned to GD after a long hiatus. Last time I played, the level cap was 45, I think. So I got some L35ish green spectral longswords (playing a Blademaster) in SOT back at about L35 for my character. At over L70, they are still the most powerful swords I’ve seen drop, including a few legendaries. I remember when I bought them from that vendor in SoT, they were like 400-500 more damage than the weapons I was using at that time.

So, I guess I’m not understanding why allow such powerful swords that early in the game. Seems game breaking almost. So far, all I get is disappointed every time I find a new epic or legendary 1H and it’s still not as good. Perspectives?

My perspective is that wether Normal/Elite transition to ultimate is easy or not is kinda irrelevant… because when you get to ultimate A5 things will get nasty for some builds…

No matter what equipment you use to get there untwinked…

You might find that shadow strike was nerfed during you break quite a lot:)

You can probably disregard just about any weapon that doesn’t do the damage your build does/is using (which I assume is Cold) which cuts the number of possible replacements down by a ton.

I doubt you’ve seen every Cold Epic/Legendary melee weapon drop and I doubt you’ve seen many so it’s understandable that you’re not seeing many weapons come close.

Even then though, Spectral Longswords are MIs, MIs are capable of competing with Legendaries if you get decent affixes on them, this is not something new.

if you use shadow strike as your left click, the dps number shown by the game is the dps of shadow strike. naturally, a weapon that adds +2 skill ranks and -0.2 skill recharge to that skill will beat most other weapons… for that skill.

so the spectral longswords probably look better than they really are (unless shadow strike is your only source of damage, which seems unlikely)

So that last comment intrigued me and this is the result. I switched a Depterian Slicer) for a green spectral longsword and the DPS on the character screen went up about 30%.

When I changed my default attack from Shadow Strike to Default, the DPS almost doubled. Not sure how to interpret that. For now, I’m not using the spectral weapons because they still seem OP compared to most. Maybe eventually I’ll find something better, but in a game like this, regardless of build, if I can play 40 levels and not find a more powerful weapon, something seems wrong.

from my experience in ultimate they are objectively garbage. they look extremely cool but you can steal the appearance now :slight_smile:

colossal DPS downgrade to pretty much everything else at high level. i used to force myself to use them before we had appearance mods but i paid for it lol

I have a level 90 battlemage who’s still using a lvl 50 helm, and I’ve got a lot of time spent farming at high levels. It happens. There are plenty of better weapons out there for nightblades between lvl 35 and 70, but it’s not too surprising that on your first go-round you haven’t found a better one yet.

If you just want a better spectral, however, you can farm the Spined Cove in elite and get a lvl 70 version of the weapon you’re currently using.

Out of curiosity, what do you recommend for those Nightblades? I have been using a spectral longsword and and dermapteran slicer myself.