Spectral wrath damage not actually useless?

Spectral wrath damage deals 44 and 60 damage at lvl12. Always thought this was beyond useless due to the low number. But after learning about ill omen functioning every second, I was wondering if the same is true for spectral wrath’s flat damage number.

I mean 44 and 60 damage and no wpn% to scale flat. Is only 880 + 1200 damage if you have 2000% damage increase. Which at that point in the game isn’t much. Then again, if this is EVERY second… then the damage aspect of spectral wrath isn’t as horrible as I first thought. As it would be roughly 10 000 damage total x1.25 due to the RR (unless converted).

Well… never played late-endgame yet in GD - is that still horrible?

If converted to your main dmg type, spectral wrath will, after some ticks at least, kill trash mobs, yes.


0p or 1p it if you don’t benefit from RR. It’s hard for me imagine a situation where you wouldn’t want to spend the remaining points elsewhere.

people take hard-cap Spectral Wrath never because of its damage, but for the RR. For me, it deals 0 damage or 2000 damage per second- they are basically the same. At late-to-end game, 2000 damage per second is a joke. The only problem of SW is that you need to get hit by something to trigger its effect, so with some builds that you dont want to get hit at all (for example pet builds), sometime i only put a few points or skip it entirely- even with the damage type of that build has RR effect from SW.


Some people swear it’s good for levelling, personally don’t see why they think it’s effect is noteworthy.

I’ve found when doing early levelling tests for Normal that it’s surprisingly good to max before the Bonespike for Ravenous Earth becomes available and only for a short while, everything up to pre Darius maybe? It’s in a similar boat to Devouring Swarm or Night’s Chill where it mops up trash enemies. Often in Spectral Wrath’s case, you can get hit once while running towards a crowd, trigger the debuff on all of them and they’ll slowly die as you’re running towards the next crowd.

For Elite/Ultimate starts though? It’s nowhere near strong enough on it’s own to clear crowds but the passive RR is still appreciated for your stronger spells.

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What about veteran?

I don’t really test my levelling strategies on normal difficulty.

Perhaps Spectral Wrath’s damage is ok for normal, idk.

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Haven’t tried Veteran personally. Enemies have a bit over double the health compared to Normal right? it might just eek out kills on crowds but it would take close to the full debuff’s duration based on how long it handles them in Normal :man_shrugging:. Or you’d have to build up a good pool of +% Aether/Vitality damage on gear to try and compensate a little more.

Imagine taking this over RE though :slight_smile:

You can take both. :wink: (specially because both are in the early necro tree)

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It’s rr so you max it anyway. :thinking:

What I meant is that if it was earlier than RE in the tree, for example on level 5, trying to take it for the damage would be more legit.

I usually wait a bit before taking Ravenous Earth fully as well, you don’t have a lot of energy at around Level 10 to use it often when you’d be able to max it or Spectral Wrath.

I personally haven’t leveled with RE yet but :point_down:

spend all your bits on Energy pots :laughing:


Nah, nah, that’s your pro move? :rofl:

Energy regen on off-hand and ectoplasm+Soul Shard, which is nice fit on vitality RE build. Plus RE isn’t even the biggest culprit, when it comes to energy sustain.

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It is never horrible or is it useless. It’s 99% of the time never used specifically for it’s damage but it’s RR as many have said already. Also the key benefit to aura damage is that you are constantly attacking everything within radius and thereby getting multiple attack proc chances. So any gear that has X% chance on attack will proc much more so than it would without the aura.
Where things get REALLY fun is when you have a fully converted to elemental damage spectral wrath on an “auramancer” (hate that word) Apostate that can easily and comfortably farm ultimate SR75-76!~ Perhaps I’ll post a few screens in a bit.