Spellbinder that uses Reap Spirit as main attack?

Just looking for opinions. Here is my build:

It does pretty big damage but some people have told me that Reap Spirit is not good as a main attack damage. Just want to collect opinions on this topic. Maybe even consider a change to another skill if it will make my build better.

Thanks. Anyways I am new on the forum and this is basicly my first post so…be nice :smiley:

You are late to the party dude but welcome to the forum


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Ive been reading the forums on and off for the last 2 years so im not late. I was just the shy one at the party :wink:

what I meant is that you missed a similar build posted like yesterday

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Ah well similar but not the same. I am still happy I posted my thread here :slight_smile: Still hoping I get some tips or advice from the local pros

It’s steadily been buffed over the updates. I haven’t played a Reap Spirit Diviner but some rough number crunching says that the Aether damage on it comes out to a sheet DPS in the ballpark of 110-130k. This says nothing on the amount of RR it can stack or damage coming in from other areas but that it indicates to me if I were trying to build it that some help like a secondary skill or some strong damage procs will help it function more smoothly. In any event:

  • It’s worth looking at some weapon/amulet augments with flat Aether damage like Irrah’s Soulfire as they’ll increase Reap Spirit’s damage even further.
  • It’s also worth looking at investing into Reckless Power, Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange or Soul Harvest for the same reason - stacking flat damage and funnelling it through Reap Spirit’s 300% weapon damage. A Chains of Ygraad will make Soul Harvest sweeter especially if you pick it up. I can see that skill points are gonna be a struggle though as you have to go 50-50 in both masteries so a different amulet with +1 Necromancer/Arcanist will help with that.
  • I’d also go Impurity over Uroboruuk’s Reaping for the relic here personally.
  • Reap Spirit’s devotion proccing ability shouldn’t be squandered so easily. Devotion’s scale their proc chance partially based on base cooldowns, meaning even though you’ve lowered the cooldown on Reap Spirit from 3.5s down to 0.8s, it’ll still scale proc chances up as if it were 3.5s. I’d consider trying it on a damage proc like Aetherfire or life steal proc like Twin Fangs.
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