[] Aether Pet/Player hybrid Spellbinder -> CR 5:08/ SR100/ Ravager + Crate

Hello, it’s my first build after new patch so I want to present something unusual, working pet/player hybrid. It’s Diviner Spellbinder with boosted pets stats + converted Oblivion - because it’s great skill both damage and survivality which do not require any skill points. Pets do a lot of damage, they can clean everything with just player casting buffs what I show on one of the videos. Ofcourse do not expect full-damage potential from them like from pure pet build, it’s not possible.

GT is still but only some little pets stats are changed in 1.1.9, not a big deal.


One of the weakness is problem with resistances, hunt for pierce especially on belt/pants. For more tankyness Dryad can be taken instead of Shepard, binded to BH.

Choices to explain:
Weapon - Vit->Aether conversion, skill points, everything we need to.

Rings - we need chaos->aether conversion, otherwise double proc skill is very helpful.

Amulet - %all damage, +1 necromancer and bonus to pets. Some Necro conduit like aether BH or whatever for defensive stats is good either.

Medal - just for DA (needed after SR changes) and pet stats. Another very good choice is Mythical Mark of Anathema - more player oriented but I had same results with timer, only DA is much worse.

Belt + Pants - Belt for vitality->aether conversion, pants for Soul Harvest (flat damage and pet increases) and resistances. Hunt for resistances mostly, belt must cover conversion from weapon, 100% is needed.

Video of cleaning 65 shard once with pets only + casting buffs to show how we do without Oblivion:

CR 5:08 - can be faster probably but I am too lazy to do more runs

SR 100 - can go higher because out of Mot I am getting one shotted even by trash monsters so does not matter at higher deeps. But I am too lazy for the second time.

Ravager 1:53



Good, more binders!! Never gonna get bored of them tbh.

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This class is to fun to not play it :smile: Basically everything work on binders, even pets somehow.

10/10 class :+1:

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Nice. That would be the 3rd build with Aether Oblivion on the forum I think and with each one Cruci is faster
(of course yours is far more creative not only faster).


I had one faster aether oblivion than this one (4:4x if I remember), 4 parts krieg + Outcast secret. Altough I consider this one more interesting so posted it.

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Plasmo also did aether Oblivion with Clairvoyant doing sub 5 mins, which is what I initially wanted to do aswell, but I decided to play a cooldown based caster instead.


I thought only thing was added was chance to proc, i.e. each ring chance to proc is check in order. But they share cooldown

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Some crazy build but it’s working great!

Also nice finishing touch for @x1x1x1x2 thread to show the king of all classes - Spellbinder. Now if Binder don’t win, have to go back and erase last sentence. :sweat_smile:

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I mean like 90ish percent of people put binder on their top 5 and the only reason it’s not number one on most lists is because it’s not their favorite class :rofl:

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I did not put binder higher on my list because I think the name “spellbinder” does not sound cool :slight_smile:

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That’s what I meant, they proc more often just from Omen ticks or something.

@Nery @x1x1x1x2 I made conclusion you can put even some pretty random gear on binders and they are going to work :smile:


I mean I’m starting to think about putting full morgo on it and going cold :rofl: maybe when 1.9 grimtools is up

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That’s sounds pretty cool and I won’t be surprised if that works :rofl: Banana made some fast af Omen Reaper so why wouldnt it work on binder? Arcanist tree got all necessary tools.