[] Divine Runeboard - Diviner's Vision Pets / Runecaster Apostate [Crucible, SR75-76]

The Diviner’s Vision set has been a source of multiple player/pet scaled builds, most notably AlkamosHater’s Diviner’s Spellbinder. That build particularly covers Aether damage, but my build instead focuses on pet Vitality damage to make as much use of the Diviner’s set bonuses as possible. Only 30% Cold to Vitality conversion seems outdated when there’s multiple sources of Elemental to Vitality conversion. There’s still a ton of flat damage baked into the set though, and the Wraiths are well-positioned to take it.

Note that I go for mostly Elemental - Vitality conversion through the weapon and the medal, mainly to power up Vitality Rune of Hagarrad through the Epic rings that grant points to Soul Harvest and Chillsurge. The build is set up to take as much Soul Harvest as possible (but I can’t grab 22/12 Soul Harvest while also getting 20/12 Chillsurge) to grant a large Vitality increase for the player and huge flat pet damage for the Wraiths.

Damage total comes down to 2,400% Vitality damage without Spirit bonuses for the player, and 1,500% Vitality damage for the pets. **EDIT - I tested out Hungering Void over Mogdrogen the Wolf. Crucible becomes way harder to defeat, but I cleared SR75-76 the first try, so I’m taking that sweet, sweet Vitality damage.

Crucible - Note this is with Mogdrogen the Wolf devotions, you’ll get different mileage with the Hungering Void version.


Gotta give a thumbs up to hybrid challenges. :+1: Interesting.