Spellbinders and High SR

Why most people say they are not fitted to go high? Just because of active defenses that don’t stay on all the time?

It’s not like they can’t go to deep shards but are not in best shape.

Chaining Mirror / MoE is nice but you’ll still be probably killed through MoT and it’s hard to play perfect with timing.

Furthermore Binders don’t have much passive type of defense. Usually low DA, low physical resistance/armor for casters, not much healing usually. And aether damage don’t have DoT, so you can’t kite.

The physical resistance and low armor are so true! :frowning:

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sr90-93 spellbinder

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What do you mean high SR? If its just 75-76, it was never a problem.

You will only experience issue past 80 if your build is not optimized for higher but even so you can still push to 85, maybe 90.

Also why do you want to go higher? There is practically no incentive going past 76…

Clairvoyant disagrees

I mean even Clairvoyant is monster in Crucible and Binders’ usually shows some good times there.