Spellscourge and Break Morale (Battlemage)

Firstly, I do know that there are far stronger class combinations than the Battlemage. I also know that Spellscourge isn’t the best set in the game. Now with that said, I’m still going to play it.

I read somewhere that Resistance Reductions don’t necessarily stack, which makes me a bit curious about the changes to Spellscourge (25 Reduced target’s Resistances for 3 Seconds to Blade Arc). How does this reduction work with Break Morale? If it doesn’t stack, would it be benficial to save those points (break morale) and put them somewhere else?

I take it that the reduction from Spellscourge is towards all resistances, and not just physical?

Flat RR - only highest source is applied. Meaning if you have 25 from Blade Arc and 40 by War Cry, it will be overwritten. Then when it’s not active you still get the 25.

Is it worthy? That’s tricky question. Battlemage don’t have -RR source, so every bit of RR you get is pure gold. At same time War Cry is expensive skill and BM is point hungry class. So unless I can hardcap Break Morale, I might skip it at all.


Thank you for a clear and comprehensible answer!

Right now I have 10/8 into Break Morale, so I’m sitting at 30%. While that 5% increase is neat, I’m not sure if it’s worth the skill points that I could put somewhere else.

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