(Spoilers) If you wait with rescuing Garret in Gloomwald

Can you send Garret to the cultists in Barrowholm to be eaten? You get a quest from the cultists to “rescue” people. I was wondering, because I thought it would be a cool alternate ending and easter egg to the quest, that if you find him with this quest active. You can send him to Barrowholm instead as an alternate darker ending to that quest.

I don’t have a character I can currently test this with.

Short answer, no. Only the one outcome for that quest - rescue him and talk with his daughter in DC to complete it.

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That guy, Garret, is a strange person. Why wasn’t he eaten or at least imprisoned by cannibals? He was badly injured and not able to fight back. Or… He IS actually a powerful Arcanist :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.


…or perhaps he is a cannibal and was getting injured by eating his meat himself and now that he is in DC, he waits for the perfect time at night to eat everyone around him.

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He always started the dialogue with “Please just leave me alone.”


And cannibals were like: “Understandable, sir, sorry to disturb you. Have a nice day!” :expressionless:.


Ok that’s it. I’m officially opening a petition to Crate Entertainment, to have it become possible if you have that Barrowholm quest active - to send Garret there to become stew.

Who’s with me?