SPOLIER: Expansion Content? - What now?

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You heard it, spoiler.

Okay, so I’ve hit level 100, farmed revered with both Barrowholm and the Coven, Killed the Ravager, killed the Shaper, Killed the Aetherial that processed us, oh and I became the champion of Malmouth…

So what do I do now?

I also did the new Dalia quest, not much content there, just want a new area to farm really.

seriously why do people ask this ? all the time.

you either:
Keep playing said character farming gear
you re-roll another character
run crucible
turn off the game and go do something else

Not rocket science to notice that this game doesn’t have any true endgame content other then farming.

I could go about leveling up the rest of my alts to level 100, It only takes a couple of hours, but I’d rather play some of the new very end game content, that I believe I am yet to find?

Just curious, what’s your total time spent on GD according to Steam?

I think you’re missing the point here, no one (as far as I am aware) has found any new endgame content, it is still either Valbury, BOC or SOT… They said they added new bosses, and I’ve found those as well, they’re far from nemesis level, so not much fun there. We could also start farming the last bosses, or even the Ravager (though I do not recommend that one) but none of them are better than what we had before the expansion. Even with the insanely buffed drop rates.

Im not missing the point he asked what else can he do. I told him his choices.

The new Rouge like dungeon hasn’t been released yet. It will be part of a free content update

900 hours, closing in on the 1000, most of that time spent leveling in the crucible.

Fought any of the new Nemeses? Or at least unlocked the Aetherial Vanguard and Beast Nemesis?

Sleep? :wink: Seriously, it amazes me how you guys have so much time next to work and chores…

I go there with Level 85 characters to get good gear… levelling is better done in the main game. It has other rewards too for quests, shrines, etc.

Did you find the secret secret quest? If not, search for that. Otherwise you’ll have to wait for the new rogue dungeon.

The Dalia one, or the one in the crypt?
I still have not figured out how to unlock the crypt door, but as far as I could see on the forums, I can’t when I have completed the Dalia quest.

Don’t know about any crypt, but the secret secret quest starts in Devil’s Crossing.

Are you talking about content from before the expansion now?

Nope. Go back to Devil’s Crossing once you’ve started the expansion.

Get a girlfriend and/or a life

I do not seem to be able to find what you are hinting at, the only thing that could be reminiscent of a quest, is Kasparov saying he would have wanted a sample of the master of flesh.

Explore the aetherial titan real, REAL close in. You’ll find something there.

You seem to be missing the nemesis acheivement

Which one of them? I have “Nemesis more like MEHmesis”
Still, I haven’t found Aetherial Vanguard nemesis, and I sided with both Barrowholm and the Coven… So I can’t kill those if they have a nemesis. But I’ve killed all else…

Ahh yes, I see I have an amulet, not sure what to do with it, I’ve gone to her grave but nothing seems to be there.