SR Boss Combos you really hate?

Rotating it towards the bosses will aggro them.

I added another pic showing rotating the bottom right corner towards the bosses while standing still.

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Try to guess, working as intended or not? :zantai:

cousre not. what does the orientation of the map have to do with enemy aggro range?

Checked myself if I can pull bosses with just camera rotation and… I could pull bosses without moving an inch, just rotating camera :laughing: If I would know it earlier.

Gravathul + Kuba + Aether snek +1 is pretty much cancer for every single build in the game.

Aleksander + Anasteria + Fabius +Mad queen is an exotic that when you see it, the first option is to alt+F4.

Also my head aches every time i see any combo with the superboss korvaak in it. What a slog.

Good topic. I think they need to tweet the boss combination in Shattered Realm.
A few of the bosses just seem to be impossible to beat if you don’t have strong Life Reduction Resistance. This key defensive stat is one of the reasons why build-variety consists of Soldier as he has the toggle with Life Reduction Resistance. Almost all bosses have some of sort Life Reduction hits.


  1. Grava needs to have reduced life reduction damage
  2. Reaper needs to have a bit reduced physical damage
  3. Mad Queen needs to have around 15% life reduction hits instead of 25% with that vicious melee attack

In most fights, Grava, Kaisan and Reaper tend to be aggro fast. They shouldn’t be combined together as it is nearly impossible to beat Grava and Reaper chasing you around.

I really dislike that SR & Crucible are the best places to farm legendaries by a huge margin. SR is fun but if it invalidates everything else? Meh

Steps of torment are also viable place to farm for legendary gear and blueprints.

We’ll have new dungeon soon too.

But to me the most efficient way is Gladiator.

slathzarr and grava are an awful combo due to spam fumble pools

Crucible is so boring though. And the fact that u need 3x clear every time to recover tributes make my finger hurt.