SR Boss Combos you really hate?

I’m finally getting into Ultimate SR at 65+, and honestly, I think I might just go back to farming it on Normal because some of the boss combos I’m encountering are just unbearable. Right now, its really fun getting attacked and stunned by Iron Maiden before my screen even fully loads when I teleport in, then getting stunlocked for an eternity by Bennjahr a literal half second later, and finished off by Ekket’zul, resulting in my death after only 3 or 4 seconds.

What boss combos drive you nuts?

Sort of been there already thread-wise. :wink:

Admittedly combos in SR are different.

Thanks for the polite heads up!

Regardless of combos, you should pull them all 1 by 1.

ATM, the most challenging for me is Gargabol. 1-st phase isnt a threat, but in 2-nd he hits like a truck, nemesises dont even hold a candle to that!

Out of curiosity, is it always possible to pull them 1 by 1? Sometimes, I feel like no matter how careful I am, the game will throw more than 1 at me the moment one of them is triggered.

At SR 70-76 - almost always (on both arenas), if you’re careful enough. Cases where 2+ bosses would charge at you no matter what are extremely rare.

Sometimes is impossible. But most of the time you need to make small steps and just stand close to the wall you’re summoned next to. When kiting avoid making steps to the front, only move sideways.

Yes, sometimes it happens that Gravathul charges first, and it’s kinda hard to survive VS him without kiting his “balls-o-death”. Still, you can kite his balls along the wall and teleport through them with a teleport skill to kite in another direction till they dissapear.

If you pulled too much bosses and it’s impossible to kill them - try dying in opposite site of the room, you can reposition them sometimes, bosses with low vision sight like Zantarin can even lose interest on you during fight if you go away on enough distance.

Combos which I really hate - anything with Kaisan because he has very high vision sight so he charge at you first often and his crystals got too long range, it’s hell in smaller room. Real problem begin if you meet him with benjahr/sentiel/moosilauke/alexander etc, whole room is full of crystals and traps which don’t expire when you die, you can’t even kite, you can’t fight in corner. It’s often gg.

Thanks for all the advice everyone, part of my issue is that my pets are drawing aggro too well, guess I had better keep them in defense mode.

I laughed. I find it funny that the where you die actually matters in SR - but it makes sense now that you mention it :stuck_out_tongue:

SR is kinda like playing chess vs AI :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know if being forced to exploit enemys AI and tricking them is perfect design but it’s probably best possible in such mode, no agro abuse -> most builds can’t make a step into realm, leave it as it be :grinning:

You’re going to love naked Cr then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Read the bottom of my post.

If you enter the boss room with the camera facing south-ish, the bosses will not insta aggro. Because you dont see them their aggro range is lower. You might pull only Kubba as his aggro range is the largest.
This works even in chthonic hell circle arena.
You can further extend this, by rotating the edge of the camera towards a boss and pulling him from the others.


My first 170 gladiator back in the past was naked, I was too ignorant to look at environment so I didn’t realize i can take buffs :stuck_out_tongue: CR is still on my list have-to-learn.

Btw. MQ has 4mln health in gladiator, in 75-80 shards it’s over 9mln, rest bosses are around 8mln if I remember correctly, fighting them all at the same time is not fun with squishy build :sweat_smile:

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Yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why I don’t like SR. It’s DPS for spanks ^^

That’s really interesting…HUGE game changer, really. Any chance I can request a video demonstration? It’s not that I don’t believe you, I’d just like to see it in action

I would like to see it somewhere too, when I was watching videos top players like John Smith or Lacrimosa, they were always north. Gonna try it later myself.

I just tried it after dying on the opposite side of the arena to give myself some breathing room when I teleported in, and I think it worked! Instead of 3 bosses killing me instantly, I only aggro’d two, which is very manageable. I was about ready to give up. Also, I had forgotten to attach rune of displacement to my char. I’m still new to what is needed to succeed in ultimate SR.

Sorry but windows game capture decided to not work today.

Best I can do is screen shots.

Here are pics of entering the hell circle, with the camera facing the optimal angle.

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Does rotating the camera AFTER entering affect anything?

P.S: Thanks so much for doing this. <3