What boss or bosses do you have difficulty with excluding celestial bosses?

Out of all the bosses in this game, I can’t think of any being too hard for myself but the bosses that give me a challenge would probably be:

  1. Grava’Thul, the voiddrinker

  2. Kaisan, the Eldritch Scion

  3. Zantarin, the Eternal

  4. Ramzul, High Priest of Osyr

  5. Father Kymon, Avatar of Korvaak

And that about sums it up for me.

Valdaraan, the storm Scourge.
I have ALWAYS huge problems with him.
Characters of mine that kill lokarr also struggle with Valdaraan.
And I don´t even know why.


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I have become so good at this game that nothing challenges me :eek:

We need to double check the last difficulty since it is not so Ultimate anymore :cry:


No, I agree. But I just listed the bosses that I thought were strong when I facetanked them. I should’ve clarified. All the bosses that I listed have been facetanked but were knocking my health around in the process. I’m just trying to spark comments :smiley:

In the eyes of a newbie with suboptimal gear most of the nemesis if not all will be a challenge :rolleyes:

But I suggest you remove that list bro. Zantai loves to see them monsters in one list so he knows easily which ones to strike with his nerf hammer:eek:

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So these five are challenging all your different builds? Jeez…

Depending on the specific build I’m running the answer varies from:
“even more than those”

Damn, complicated thing.
Normaly depends of my build… But zantarin it’s my nemesis. I prefer fight with another else, including grava.
Related with grava: all arcane/disrupting enemies are pain.

Some standout difficult bosses:

Big Yeti guy in the highlands on a TSS druid. Could barely scratch em through his cold/light resist and he moves fast enough to make kiting hard.

Cronley on a skeletons summoner. Those Aetherfire pools wreck poor skeletons before his shield wears off usually - and then its a long hard fight with minimal pets.

Iron Maiden on a fire build. Empyrion have mercy if she’s holding serious fire resistance gear. And the combo of blitz, high move speed, and high phys damage isn’t exactly fun for the caster types i tend to favor.

Lol, why Zantarin is here even? He’s one of the EASIEST bosses actually, if you keep an eye on his vitality barrage and remember to use potions occasionaly (cause he’s immune to leech. His damage is laughable.
And obviously, Gravathul is the only one among those, who causes trouble - he can dispel your buffs and hits like a truck. Others are harmless lambs compared to him.

Pretty much this. Some of my characters are tanky enough that I don’t have to worry on the vast majority of Bosses, others I do.

Kaisan. Whewwwwww, a real piece of work that one.

Heh. My Cold EoR Dervish handled Valdarin decently in Port Valbury while Lokarr is pretty much unkillable with that char.

If your build revolves around hitting with multiple projectiles at once, then that might explain it. He puts an aura that fires several lightning projectiles with no cooldown each time he’s hit with projectiles.

For some reason Volcanic Stride is considered a ranged attack and multiple of them at once will trigger Valdaran. My Templar Vanquisher has a pain in the ass time with him, while most other Nemeses get trashed by the character.

  1. Slatsarr
  2. Duskreaper
  3. Ishtal, the Mind Reaper
  4. Grava
  5. Ramzul

Bonus: storm barrage from Ramzul (totally in balance, no need to be nerfed, as you know)

Lol, I just facetanked Kaisan, the Eldritch Scion with my new elemental dual wield tactician build in about 19-20 seconds. And my devotion skills aren’t even max yet. :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t wait to see what kind of damage I’ll be doing when my devotion skills are max level.

Screw that guy. You need stun 80% + overcap against that guy. I have 80% +56 and he’s finally not annoying with his stun spams. :rolleyes:

In a vacuum, none of them except Secret Crate Boss.

In SR:
Slathsarr, period.

Grava if paired with anyone threatening.
Anasteria if paired with anyone threatening.

In SR or crucible the screen explode. You playing a melee character and next second you are playing dead.