SR Boss Pulling

How do you guys pull them 1 by 1? I take a single step out of spawn and all 3 of them are on me

you cant always do that, is all i know

It’s very easy and works everytime, on every map. Here’s the trick:

  • Rotate the camera southwards before entering the boss arena
  • Walk along the eastern or western walls and slowly rotate the camera northwards until you get the aggro of one enemy
  • Rotate the camera southwards again to make sure that no more enemies come running (this may even interrupt the aggro of slow enemies)

In this video at the 7:13 and 16:55 marks you can see what I mean

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Thanks for the detailed explanation, Volek!

IMHO, the fact that this method works (and that at least some players resort to it on a regular basis) clearly shows that the boss arena design needs improvement. I’m all for challenge and tactical thinking and such, but this is either a badly implemented mechanic or simply a bug. This simply can’t be “working as intended”. Those camera games feel about as “good” as the infamous “Numlock trick” in D3. Mechanics, that simply shouldn’t exist.

To be clear, I’m not blaming you in any way, Volek. In fact, you probably saved a lot of players unnecessary deaths. But IMHO boss chunks simply shouldn’t work like this.


I don’t think it’s a bug, it seems more like an engine limitation. Not sure if Crate can easily fix this behavior.

If it was up to me I’d get rid of boss chunks altogether. They are too easy with the camera exploit, but too hard with out it (compared to regular chunks).

A semi-retaled question: Is there a fixed way to reset the bosses after they’ve moved? Usually they go back to where the spawned after a player death, but I noticed a few times they’d just go hang out in the middle of the area which meant they were all on me immediately re-entering the shard. I tried running around some and dying in different spots but it didn’t seem to help.

From what I’ve seen it depends on the boss. A lot of bosses who spawn adds will be on you right away after peppering the arena with them, no matter where they end up. Some do just stay up on top if you lure them far enough. Like most things in SR, it’s a tossup.