SR farming blueprints HELP

Hope it is a good place to ask the question (Gameplay Discussion):
How far should I go in Shattered Realm to get Mythical Ultos’ Hood blueprint?
94 level helm blueprint seems pretty hard to find… Is it like 50 shard or can I just farm 20-25? Or is it 65+?
Just please tell me, I want to get the damn blueprint fast.

Depends on how fast you clear without sweat (death = less reward). But normally 50-51 is good enough for budget build, 65-66 and 70-71 are better for well-equipped builds. I remember someone made a chart how effectively farm SR p/p, 65-66 is the best.

SR 75-76 Normal if you can’t handle Ultimate or Elite
75-76 spits out the most blueprints of any source and compared with potential time (well depend on build ofc)
other alternative is Iron Maiden/Zantarin farming in world map
Monster Totems/Devotion Shrines
rest of the options doesn’t really begin to compare

if it’s purely for blueprint, and you don’t care about legendary quantity/time payout, then you can just use SR 75-76 on normal, has good blueprints amount still, and even starter or budget builds can clear it, main downtime is reaching 75 shard if you don’t have waystone already (which you can get unlocked quick in MP tho)

I just want to get 94 level Ultos’ Hood Blueprint (NOT a helmet, Blueprint). The idea being that I can craft 5 of those helmets and transmute 4 of them into the rest of the set. So, if this Blueprint can drop on 65-75 SR, then I’m happy. If it needs to be Elite, then I’m a little less happy, but still good. Ultimate… hm.

it’s regular blueprint, it will have no specific drop avenue meaning it has all the regular drop avenues, meaning it will drop if blueprints drops, which includes SR, (and you cant’ control which one you get)
ie hence i’m suggesting/listing the optimal places to potentially acquire it since you’re dealing with rng, and quantity/time then deals with the RNG as much as possible

it does not, the suggestion for Normal vs Elite vs Ultimate (for SR specifically) is because the level of ease, hence the mention “if the concern is blueprints specifically and not regular legendary items amount”

blueprints drop in SR; they drop in SR of any difficulty, which means if you can’t clear SR 75-76 on Ultimate; you can still get it in SR 75-76 Normal/Elite, and the difference there will then just be potential clear time (normal being faster, elite little slower ultimate the slowest) ie more farming might be required on Ultimate than Elite than Normal
^but if you also want to factor in regular legendary items drop as a bonus reward/payout for your time troubles, then it potentially shifts the opposite way since Ultimate gives more Legendaries than Elite than Normal

only other factor for Ultimate vs Elite would be if you’re farming outside SR, since then area level scaling becomes a factor, but it’s not a factor for SR.
ie if you’re farming Monster totems for blueprint/time then it “has” to be Ultimate, because many totems on Elite wont scale high enough to give you that blueprints
but for SR that doesn’t matter since even SR on Normal will scale to your level and give you blueprints relevant just like on Ultimate
ie you can get lvl 94 Ultos blueprint both in SR normal difficulty and ultimate difficulty, and choice should depend on either which you clear easiest/fastest if time is the factor, or if the additional legendary drop reward amount is something you want to factor in
we are not suggesting ways that you would farm and not obtain ultos blueprint potentially, but the ones that would be optimal potentially/time

Thanks. Funny that I feel like I clear Ultimate SR faster because there is more monsters to kill, but overall Nemesis are pretty scary (means that I fear them being strong on higher difficulty, I killed them with ease on Normal), so I think for the time being I will keep SR on Normal, just for safety. I killed Clone of John Bourbon, so I feel like Ultimate may be possible, but I want to have 100% chance of success. If I do 65 Shard in 5 minutes on Normal (counting picking items in the reward room), then it seems like I can do a lot of those Shards in a very short time. Looks like you gave me a perfect solution. Thanks!

i would still recommend you dial it up to 75-76
the loot difference is noticeable, and the difficulty increase is minimal with speed usually not being lost either

The vendor in ancient grove sells that, and I have seen it there. You can exit vile thicket (or whatever its called) and re-enter to reset the stock.

Vinelton does not sell Mythical blueprints, he sells legacy blueprints 50-70-75 crafts from basegame days, lower level relics, and then some new elixir blueprints