SR - What is the point?!?

just ended equipping my first lvl 100 chars and done all quests in the game in ultimate too and now I was starting to look at SR and Crucible and…

Really what is the point to SR?
I see major issues with it:
1- starting every time from lvl 1 is very painful and boring - I get bored of it even more it becomes challanging and I do not have 10h to play consecutively :slight_smile:
2- the loot is terrible… compared to crucible really no point in doing SR

Pity because the thing is nice, but to me it seems the bad copy of D3 rifts.

Let me know if I misunderstood something, else I just avoid to do it.

Average loot per tier -

Let´s start with a picture:

This is the loot of (iirc) a SR 75/76 run. Minus the legendaries.

Second, you can have/craft waystones. With them, you can start SR in 5 shard-steps. You cleared 1 - 5? Use a waystone to start at Shard 5 next time.


Ok thx, I did missed completely the waystone…
About the loot, ok I have to go higher.