SSF Builds (DELETING EVERYTHING) Grim Beginnings

Going to start completely fresh SSF new characters for FG. No trading, deleting all previous characters. What a time to be alive.

What build will you start with? :rolleyes:

How much previous experience do you have? You could try going for the weaker classes i.e. Defiler for the challenge. Or just start with whatever Oathkeeper combo you fancy.

740 beautiful hours spent with this game over the years. Money well spent IMO.

Due to my RSI I will likely run a pet build to start farming and going though story.

Oathkeeper will be a definite pick for me, hopefully something with the new GoE. I would love to go Eye of Reckoning hybrid pet build somehow but i haven’t spend much time planning yet. Good times ahead :smiley:

Any recommendations? :rolleyes:

If in doubt go pets :slight_smile:

I fully endorse this statement :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking of trying a pet build with the guardian of empyrion. Gonna try to get 4 with items.

What class should I pair this with and will it be viable?

Guardian scales based on player stats. Pets like Briarthorns, Familiars etc scale based on pet stats. Combining them is possible, but will leave you weaker than choosing one or the other.

Try using a controller. I admit they are not for everyone, but I think controller implementation is this game is pretty good. “Click” accuracy suffers somewhat early on, but after a while most everything is AoE to some effect and your hands feel much better. If you happen to have one laying around, give it a shot.

I’d go Oathkeeper (fresh and new) + the Mastery you prefer to play (can’t go wrong then).

I will throw some shields, whirl around a bit and pick from the two things what i like most.

Because i cant nolife this game im quite sure in the time i reached level 50 and should take a second mastery the forum will be floating with working builds.

I bought a Logitech controller about 12 months and it was game changer for me. You are spot on about the controller implementation in GD i think its one of the best I have come across in this genre. It’s great how it swaps over to mouse when ever you like :slight_smile: oh and the the new loot filter is gong to make it better than ever!

Pet set is usually a pain in the ass to get though. Death Knight is really a smooth all rounder.

Ravenous earth cabalist/oppressor looks pretty good:D

You don’t need any set to crush all content in the main camping. That’s so sweet about pets :wink:

Sounds exactly like the plan I want to follow. I have like 30 different toons from 20 to 100 and I don’t feel like touching any of them or using backup gear from the stash, but to start fresh.

Also I have my ps3 controller still flying around and it actually works (installed some drivers years ago), so I was wondering which build would be easy enough to navigate and could be enjoyably played with a controller (cause control will be far less in my case compared to mouse, I’d not like to get one shot too easily for little mistakes in kiting/crowd control).

Though I can imagine a Purifier might be fun (hit and run shooting), or something tanky like a Warlord. Might stick with the classics like Death Knight to go for Krieg’s set but enjoyed vitality builds (ravenous earth) lots too, but can’t decide between Cabalist, Ritualist or the new Oppressor combo, lol!

Any people with experience sitting behind a controller? :smiley:
Edit: unfortunately I already fail to assign skills for the controller :3
2nd Edit: bring up skill menu, then hit the right shoulder button, hit Y or pyramid key to bring up a wheel/clock like window which allows you to assign skills. That was somewhat confusing but at least it works!

I thought Pet builds sucks in grim dawn without gear?

other arpgs the rule is:
Pet build = not much item dependant = good for slow and steady farming
grim dawn -> pet build = heavy item dependant = best singletarget ingame

Almost all builds in grim dawn are very item dependent in that sense that if you have no gear at all you will die.