Stacking floors/tiles

Hi! I have an idea for a big tower, and I want it to increase in difficulty as you progress through the floors by means of adding a mutator every now and then. I assumed that was possible (but never tried it) by using this function: image
I hoped this would split a tile into 2 floors but I cant figure out what exactly this does (doesn’t seem to do anything at first glance).
Second issue I have, by just adding a region on top, is that you cannot walk through the floor from underneath. Is there a setting to make a floor passable?
Last issue then, is when i paint the region on top as invisible, it also paints whatever is underneath, is this possible to be painted seperately?

I’d try first to get mutators to work, I don’t think they work in the main campaign.

This is a mod, not main campaign. But perhaps that should be step 1. Thanks

I know it is a mod, my point was they do not work within the main campaign, whether in vanilla or in a mod

I got that part, too quick in replying i guess. It is for a new game, nothing from vanilla, so should be good ;-). the vanilla campaign isn’t going to be part of it. I managed to get 1 mutator working by just painting some random existing challenge layers i’ve found, so that should be good once i figure out how those are actually done in AM :smiley: