Star Traders: Frontier

A fun space roguelike game . =) If someone like space rangers he should definitely try this one.

Bought it the day ea started. Already have 100 hrs :blush: , i’m hunting xenos with my crew but i will start again from scratch now that the game is 1.0

Heh, i`m playing as boarding corsar. “Blood for Blood God” and kill the crew, then pillage :furious:

You have to equip radiation dmg weapon for that, cause otherwise you risk to break their hulls before you can put your hands on cargo. Boarding talents help, smugglers talents too to sell stuff on black market. That or you find an indipendet planet where you can sell the " hot " stuff.

Also at very start, firing your officials and promote ground combat guys to replace em helps a lot.

Star Valor is another space game I have been enjoying. It’s in early access but has a lot of ship customization and combat. Procedural generated universe after the core planets. Skill trees. Been taking up a lot of my time lately.

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Is it the one with arcade combat?

Nah, I just start with +2 move card, then spam Boarding party till everyone is dead. I board with 2 combat medics + 2 multiclass assasins to ensure easy victory and devastating results of boarding - trowing wretches, burning halls, destroying facilities etc. Its supereffective :cool:

Picked this game up since it’s on discount today, total download size is 215 mb, smallest games I’ve seen in years.

Yes, arcade style combat.

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I was keeping an eye on it i think i might buy it sooner or later

Oh, i missed Xeno fleet rummor :frowning: Goodbye, Karen, RIP, time to reroll .

Is it better/more interesting than Space Rangers?

no, Rangers are better. This game is way too grindy.

Quite different from space rangers, in this game you control a whole crew : 1 captain, 5 (or more) officials and x crewmen. You lvl up em all and gear them (you an equip stuff only with officials). I don’t know if there ever was a game better than space rangers so i would avoid the comparison, this one is quite well crafted and worths a try imo.

I returned to the game after a bunch of update.
Man, its so good now. :cool: Grinded whole day to lvl 24, finished the game by walking the plank after a unlucky assault on enemy battlecruiser. :eek:

It’s been staying in my game list for months and I never tried it (bought it for a few $ on steam discount). Worth it then ?

yup, it’s quite a nice game

Oh, i finaly grinded my way to a fully powered Battlecruiser. 9k mass, over 120 piloting, fuell hungry vessel of my revenge against filty xeno`s and unworthy Zealots. Feel my wrath :furious:
*yeah, the game suffer from stacking piloting assist modules to the point of invulnerability.

Everton supporter?

Everton the boarder :smiley: