Star Wars: Squadrons Official Trailer

Looks nice. But since Totally Games is not involved and EA is, I’ll pass.

And not even a ingame trailer, but that I think is coming later.

Not a game I’m interested in. So you really can’t judge what the game is going to be like unless you seen in game footage. Anyway, I’m going to pass.

Game is using frostbite engine, which in the past has been pretty buggy and problematic. So the 5V5 limit is probably due to that, and its will be a console game first.

So really, don’t expect much from this game. might even be DOA before it is even out.

Agreed. It’s probably going to be closer to the SW:Rogue series than the X-Wing series. In that case, might as well go with Everspace 2.

No Origin DRM, no micro-transactions, open world, decent tech support. It’s basically Diablo 2 in space.

Why anyone would think this will be a good game is beyond me! It’s EA!! It will be bug ridden, if it works at all, great trailers (mini movies), there WILL be micro transactions, not if, and after all that it will be short and cost min of $100. I’m Australian, I think it’s $60 US? Thats before the season passes, not to mention the crappy preorder “bonuses”! All for a game that on launch will not work and maybe in a year they will fix it and all those silly enough to get season passes will be told the game is done and they will do something else! Mind you the die hard Star Wars fans can’t see they will get ripped off and back EA 110%. Makes me sick when I think there are games like Grim Dawn that those fools won’t even blink at!

Thats my rant!

Normally i’m not much of an Starfighter-Player, there are a few exceptions, but in generall i don’t dig this Genre. If it comes to down to Star Wars i prefer to play boots on the Grounds, with stormtroopers or Jedis or something like that.

However after reading this Game will have PSVR Support, how good Battlefront 2 (Dice) is and even replaced the classics for me(still miss the Galaxy Conquest Mode) and they “recently” released Fallen Order, which was one of my GotYs 2019 and since Knights of the Old Republic i didn’t have such a blast playing a Star Wars campaign(which by the way didn’t have any kind of DLCs, Pre-order stuff was unlocked for everyone after a few weeks and we’ve gotten a free update with a lot of new stuff especially some features which we as players requested), i really consider getting this. Imagine to sit in a X-Wing with a VR Headset is such an exciting idea.

Why anyone would think this will be a good game is beyond me! It’s EA!! It will be bug ridden, if it works at all, great trailers (mini movies), there WILL be micro transactions, not if, and after all that it will be short and cost min of $100. I’m Australian, I think it’s $60 US? Thats before the season passes, not to mention the crappy preorder “bonuses”! All for a game that on launch will not work and maybe in a year they will fix it and all those silly enough to get season passes will be told the game is done and they will do something else! Mind you the die hard Star Wars fans can’t see they will get ripped off and back EA 110%. Makes me sick when I think there are games like Grim Dawn that those fools won’t even blink at!

Thats my rant!

That sound like an accurate description of EA’s SW: Battlefront I and II… in Space! :rofl:

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Can’t agree, especially the second Game was a pretty Amazing Game. And that’s the sad part about it, because the only reason why this game was so f*** up, was this insane MTX-Lootbox-Nonsense, and kinda shows how a great Game can be destroyed with such greedy practice.

First of all, i’m not immature enough to jump on a Hate-Train and hate on Games simply because of the Brand / Dev / Publisher who is behind it. I base my opinion around if the Game is really a good Game or not. I might be more cautious if it’s a dev / publisher where i had a bad experience with, but that still doesn’t let me go that far to say: “I’ll never give them a chance. AGAIN. EVER.” I personally find such a attitude kinda childish, but that might be “my rant”.

Secondly, even said that, while i myself have a pretty wonky experience with EA, it’s not like i’m dissapointed in them as a whole. Like i mentioned above, i love Battlefront 2 and Fallen Order, and they’re great Games. While BF1 was fun to play, i never expected Dice making a Battlefront which replace the classics for me, but than they throwed out Battlefront 2, and as much as i was angry about their Lootbox-Nonsense which even let me not buy the Game at first, after they scrapped that stuff and i got the Game on a sale, plus seeing how much post-launch-content support it’ve gotten, i really don’t regret buying it. I even bought the celeb-upgrade because as the game is right now, for me it totally worth the fullprice content. And like i mentioned it replaced the classics for me. (still miss the galaxy conquest though).

And similiar it goes for Fallen Order, didn’t expect to have such a good Singleplayer Star Wars since a long time, especially one which also would end up as my personally GotY, and then Respawn Entertainment delievered such a Gem.

I don’t see where i’m ripped off. I payed 20 Bucks for Battlefront 2, and i play it similiar to Grim Dawn on a regularly Basis, i’d argue i easily hit the 100 Hours mark, and it will continue from there if i consider how long i played classic BF2, and due that i even upgraded for 25 Bucks to the celeb edition. Considering how much work they put in after launch and especially how much content it have gotten, this Upgrade feels like the loyalist Packs of Grim Dawn to me. And interestingly, i even enjoyed the Campaign (didn’t like the classic one very much, for me BF is mostly a MP Game). So i don’t see where EA ripped me off in that regard.

Same goes for Fallen Order… i had a absolutely blast playing through it, it’s story is for me on the same level as the Original Triology and Rogue One, i loved the gameplay mix between metroidvania, uncharted and dark souls, and even plan 1 (or even more) another playthrough on the hardest difficulty. Thanks to Respawn listening with my cosmetic stuff carried over and now i can dress up like Luke Skywalker EP6 in a dark fashion and a green lightsaber.

So tell me, how i, as “hardcore Star Wars Fan” 've gotten ripped off by EA for Games, where i had so much fun and playtime over it, and one i’ve gotten for less then Fullprice (Battlefront 2) even with Celeb Upgrade, and for the other i payed Fullprice, but had a blast where i did get back my money worth back. Only because of your own bias, it doesn’t justify to bash EA, the Devs, and especially the Community which don’t share your bias.

Oh yeah, because obviously Grim Dawn have so much to do with Star Wars, and they Starfighters, Action-Adventures and MP Shooters are the same target Audience as singleplayer ARPG Hack’n’slay. How they dare to not look at a game which they aren’t interested in… -.-

Gameplay is out. Looks good so far.

Thank you for the update. It does look great.

OK seems your a fanboy of EA so you may not be immature enough but you surely are not wise enough to see, or know how little EA cares about you or any game you may of had fun with. And as far as first order is concerned, you should be thanking that little company called Respawn enterainment for going through and making it because if EA had their way it would never haver happened!

You didn’t buy it on release so thats why!

Prove my point on how bad EA is! They had to put work in after launch! Not before, after!

This at least goes to the people who make it and not to some CEO who does NOTHING!

Look above! But I’ll add more, you sit here and defend a company that has done nothing but try and cripple anyone that.
1 may do a good game.
2 because they want ALL your money and will give as little as possible in return.
3 they won’t listen to you ever!
4 They don’t look toward making a “good” game ever! They will make a bare min game.
5 it will be grindy as hell
6 loot boxes to the max
7 every bonus that you used to unlock after completing something in game behind a pay wall.
I would be happy to buy something from EA if I knew they gave the billions earned (I use that term losely!) to the dev’s who actually made them games! But they won’t! They instead force them to do extreme hours with no reward, minimum wage and after it’s done they will close the doors or that little company and make sure never to give them a cent! The AAA companys don’t make good games, they make pretty games and people like you can’t see it! You will never open your eyes to it because you think that if you kiss their behind they will give you something! All they will do is take!

Not really, that was actually “my whole Point” about my Argument, to be neither a Fanboy nor a Hater, which hype or hate simple based on the Company developing the Game, but rather that for me it’s primarly about the Games and how good they are. Sure, i might have a few Favorite Dev-Studios (like Crate) but even that isn’t a guarantee that i like every game they deliver or are behind every decision they do, because in the End all what matters are the Games and nothing else.

And that’s why People with your mentality and attitude bothers me, because for folks like you it’s more important that on the Game is (or isn’t) a particular Name who made it or in this case published it.

And that’s why i critisized EA with my Argument:

But in the end you shouldn’t forget, that this goes for most Devs and especially Publishers. Videogame-Developing is still a Job, which means making Money is still a huge Motivator. Doesn’t mean that the actual Devs behind the Games aren’t also passionated about the Games and don’t want you to have fun with their Game. The aspect here doesn’t exclude the other one.

Not really. Respawn had a pretty good Prototype of a different Game, EA was the one who asked them if they could make a Star Wars Game out of it. But i’d argue the major reason was Disney, because they weren’t really happpy with the incident at the release of BF2.

Well, and the Reason why i did explain already to you. This should actually tell you something about me “being” a EA (or Star Wars) Fanboy.

Not really, and i think you misunderstood something in that regard. They put work into the Game before the Game was released, and it was already as good as it was(except the Lootbox Nonsense), and i would totally loved it even without the Post-Launch-Content Support. However with the Post-Lauch-Content Support they made a even better Game out of it and crafted (for me atleast) a true masterpiece.

So it’s like Crate and Grim Dawn. Would you argue they only put work into their Game once they finished the Game, based on your argument they had a great post-launch-content support? No, and the same goes for BF2 too.

Well, and that’s the thing where you misunderstand something. I don’t “defend” them, i simply don’t jump mindlessly on your Hate-train. You argue how can anyone at these days still buy a EA Star Wars Game, without actually knowing the Game, without knowing what it offers and stuff, not touched in slightest. You are already are offended over it and ranting, simply because EA is tagged on their Game. And that’s why i explained it to you why some folks still are interested or hyped about this Game, simply because other people don’t hate for the sake of hating, but rather wait for it to be released and than give of their Opinion, based on what EA really delievered and not presumptions.

And than again, like i said, they’ve still developers which do good Games. Not arguing that certain Series have faced a dark fate, or that EA with their Eyes for $$$ didn’t make dumb decisions. Which i even pointed out before. But that doesn’t mean that they generally throw out only bad Games… they still have “some” great Games, and especially the last two Star Wars Games was such ones.

They want all your money, but that doesn’t mean they give you as little as possible. I’d say it matters from Case to Case. If we would talk about the Fifa Series, i’d see your point.

I can’t see that as well, they did a lot of stuff with Battlefront 2 and JFO which people asked for. I for one expressed my wish about JFO to get a New Game+ for Cosmetics, and with the latest update they delivered that.

Well i can’t agree on that. For one part it’s not only a publisher behind a game, but also a dev team, and atleast they want to deliever a decent game. For another i’d say it’s in favor of a company and their wish for lot of Money if they deliever a good Game.

Hmm, which Games do you speaking of. I don’t know any Game which i had really grind for.

Which seems they 've took a step back from since the BF2 Backlash.

Again, which Games are you talking of? I could “unlock” almost all stuff in BF2 for simple playing. The same goes for JFO, Battlefield and Bioware Games(okay i skipped on anthem).

Again something which i don’t base my Opinion about it. I don’t care if a Game is AAA or Indie, otherwise i wouldn’t be here in the first place. I simply care about the fact if a Game is good or not. And with me saying that, i’d argue this should tell you that for me AAA Games are as good as Indies.

And Arguments like this makes you sound like a Hater. You have a very narrow perspective about this whole situation, and if someone is more open minded about it, or have different experience than you, you need to get personally, because you can’t accept the possibility, that you might be in the wrong.

Oh boy, you need to consider to write a soap drama, because of that much overdrama. Chill and get some fresh air. And i don’t see myself kissing their @ss, because like i said, i don’t base my Opinion around the brand of the company, but the Games which i actually get. And the fact that i’m happy with BF2 and JFO should be enough.

I think this sums it up nicely! It’s EA so you forget anything they have done in the past and keep buying their games! If Crate did anything like what EA have done you’d never buy another one their games again! You call it drama, I call it memory! How quick people forgive someone with money!

I personally don’t really trust EA as far as I can throw them. They mucked up so many games. I did get the new C&C remaster, simply because some of the devs did the original game. Turns out, I really wish I hadn’t. Its pretty buggy, and I suspect it was rushed by EA. As the game wasn’t tested that well.

I only played it for a bit, and while a patch is in the works, not sure if it will fix all the outstanding issues. and my other worry is, how long will the game remain supported until EA drops all support for it?

While the original games run better, and for the remaster, because it has 4k textures, you need it on a SSD drive. otherwise, it will stutter like hell.

It’s interesting too that EA has returned back to steam, but still you need origin for most of their games. Even then, some people have reported that they need origin product codes, and when you buy the game on steam, one isn’t supplied.

All in all, I still don’t trust EA, they made way too many mistakes. And I feel this new SW game will be very short lived and probably very broken too. All in all, Unless EA really changes it tune, I’m still not going to touch most of their games. As I really wish I hadn’t brought C&C remastered, what a what of mopney that was.

It’s pretty Bold of you to assume i make any difference based which company works on their Games, especially after had this huge wall of texts explaining to you the exact oppiste, and was my whole Point. If i’m interested into a Game, and as long as it is a good Game, i don’t care if it’s branded by EA, Activision, Crate, CDPR or whatever. What matters to me is simply the Games. So no, i wouldn’t act differently towards Crate if they would do the same stuff as EA.

Besides that you shouldn’t forget that in this Company still actual People work. While at the higher ups might be some buisness people which try to find to squeeze out Peoples Money, there are also the ones which simply do their job and especially Devs which still are passionated about their Games. Why should i punish this people because of some f*** ups in the past, which isn’t even their fault to begin with, to f*** their lives and familys, WHEN they do a good job. I’m not that vindictive.

Also you should stop to antagonize people with your twisted Arguments, which aren’t even correct to begin with, simply because you can’t handle that someone might not straight jump on your hate-bandwagon.

Oh so you don’t have a entry Post, where you not only rant about EA itself, but also the Community / Gamers which still consider buying the Game, or how someone can tend to believe it will be good Game? Especially (as i pointed out already) considered that the last two games where actually good (Star Wars) Games. And that’s not a (over-)drama?

Oh boy. Because from my perspective the way how you argue and act, and go against people personally i’d argue, that’s not memory, but you simply like to drama.

So before you also jump on to assumptions. I want to point out in my case it’s not about if i trust EA or not, it’s rather a Question if i get a good Game in the end or not. It’s not like in these days i jump on the Hype-train once EA announces something, but i rather wait and see. And so far this approach worked pretty well out for me, if i consider the launch-fiasco of Battlefront 2. My whole Point which started this “Discussion” was that i don’t jump on the hate train either, simply for the sake of hating. If a Game geniunly interests me, than i give it a try, and if not or somethings looks wonky / fishy, than i don’t. And if i’m not sure than i wait for it until it’s cheaper.

Again a ironic “example” of how much i’m not a “EA” - Fanboy, like a certain individual tries to discredit me, because as much as i’m a fan of Command & Conquer, the Remastered Footage didn’t impress me and that’s why i’m not even bought it. It’s on my list for maybe later when the price drops, and i know a few of my friends which i could ask how they liked the Remastered then, but in general i didn’t blindly jump in the hypetrain simple because EA announced a C&C Remastered.

But the same goes for this Game, only because EA announced it, i don’t automatically hate on it. I wait and see.

Thanks for the warning by the way, so they do the Ubisoft / Uplay Move sigh

Well, for the remaster, I really wondered if they can screw up the game so badly. The game NEEDS a SSD drive to work correctly, (like I said, if its on a standard HD, the game will stutter like no tomorrow)

I guess I hoped they would improve aspects of the game. OK, the textures are Ok, but not brilliant. It should have worked flawlessly, on modern hardware. But they screwed that up. As the game from what I understand, is still using direct draw, and still needs DX11 to run.

There also plenty of issues with the map editor, also due to the new way that airstrikes work, they attack the most valuable unit on the map. (before it was target anything top left) which means some missions are next to impossible to complete. Plus they didn’t even fix SAM sites in C&C, they are still useless as ever.

All in all, for games that are timeless, they really down a right job screwing them over.

So avoid until the above issues are fixed.

I not brought an EA game in a long time, I took a chance on this one, but yes, I regret it.

Ok you keep saying your not a fan boy of EA but you are jumping to their defense as if they are some little company like Crate here? To clear it up for you, if it’s all about just buying a good game then like you I will buy it no matter who makes it! I could understand this defense if it was just a one off bad game and I did all this hateing… By all means then, defend away! But this is not a one off! And since you clearly don’t read any of the press releases from EA regarding their thought on the future games and what they think is best, it all makes sense for this defense! The last game was a good game(fallen order), but you don’t realise they made that under protest!

I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment your making here! But what you fail to realize is that the money don’t go to those hard workers! When crunch is a norm and they do all that work not because of love but because of fear of being fired! Thats not something you should support! So before you jump on the oh EA never does anything wrong and it’s all about good game crap, think about what you support and who the money goes to!
I am happy to buy a good game no matter who makes it but how many bad games do or should you buy from some company before you stop and just save your money?

Chill folks. Each to his/her own as they say.

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