I brough it 2 years ago, but completely forgot about it :smiley: Discovered it in my library and played non-stop for 3 days :smiley: , till i finished NG+ on HC+ironman.
This game is awesome dungeon-crawler with a fun combat system and okaysh story. Lots of option for party-composition, lots of hidden sinergies betwen characters. No heallers and no mana pots make it somewhat unique in crpg genre. =)


starcrawlers DO have healers. but the game place more importance in dodging, debuffing enemies, prioritizing dangerous enemy 1st, choosing who should tank the most damage. for example, optimization hackers is the most direct healer class. force psyker gives temporary shields to the team. cyberninja give dodge to the team and blind enemies, etc. healing skills on teammates that only works after the teammates take action will be inefficient on slow chars with using slow action skills. this is what starcrawlers does great, forcing players to not rely fully on healing skills and try to find other ways around it.

dealing lots of damage to the enemies while avoiding/mitigating most of enemy damage is the most efficient way to play starcrawlers.

its a great game. most notably each skills have complex and unique way to be used. especially if synergized with other chars. the audio sfx is very very awesome. the game makes up the lack of our chars 3d representation in game by focusing on making many of the skill’s sfx unique and memorable. enemies are also given the same treatment, including garbled incomprehensible grunts from human/robot enemies. not to mention the guns’ firing sfx! i can safely say the sfx design is the best part of starcrawlers!.

the story is quite intriguing too, with lots of factions that can help/actively fights you. i really recommend replaying the story several times to get all endings. hint:there are 4 main story factions in the game: the low class, the middle class, the elite class, and the revolutionaries+pirates. each of the chars have different ending if for each 4 main story factions. so getting all the endings for all chars need quite a lot of time (unless you want to speedrun it with the easiest difficulty, but that’s unsatisfying). you can also completely ignore the main story mission (after the tutorial mission) and just play side missions (which is much more open world compared to the linear story missions) continuosly.

starcrawlers is the sci-fi of turn-based-1st-person-view-squad-dungeon-crawler-genre. though i wish the dev doesn’t choose to make new contents’ theme focused on HOLIDAYS. it ruins the atmosphere. imagine CHRISTMAS! VALENTINE! THANKSGIVING! HALLOWEEN! in gd. everybody in gd wearing santa hats and giving chocolates…

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Healer is someone that dedicate most of his time to heal. Id say 4% passive sustain per turn per one of the most dmg characters and one ability that heal for 1% is not what i call a healer. That impressive, they managed to create a system when everyone has a unique sustain and it work w/o constant spamming of healthpots. =) Im running cyberninja+hacker+soldier+force psyker setup and i just love how they turn the battlefield intro a explosive chaos. Combo strike+few viruses+All as one from soldier and things go nuts :smiley:

I wish developers release some dlc, cause right now there is only 5 tilesets of rnd missions and like ~30 enemies (


yeah, dedicated 100% professional healers doesn’t exist in starcrawlers. the game wants us to be creative to beat up the challenges, changing our perspective on how healing works in combat games. like what some doctor says: PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURING.

that being said, healing kits and other healing items can be farmed quite easily with low risks if player knows how to farm them. the inventory is limited though, so player must be extra considerate in planning what to bring in missions.

hotwire (the hacking side missions) is the 1st dlc for starcrawlers. it does spice things up and adds extra contents and stories. but it feels like we are forced to make a completely new ‘specialized hacking team’, complete with new items, new skills, and new gameplay mechanics. it feels like we are making robot teams that work in a completely different world than the starcrawlers. making hotwire dlc feels like rebuilding a new team but it has no connection/synergy to the starcrawlers team and gameplay mechanics. the hacking mini game can be very profitable though, if player invested lots of money into the hacking gears and be smart in using them.

starcrawlers really need more dlcs… (please no more HOLIDAY exclusive content…). maybe a dlc that allows you to purchase and modify your own hideout? or maybe a dlc that delve more into the dark and mysterious void dimension…

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Finished NG++ at lvl 80, could probably do it on lvl 70 or so, cause i had all i need from NG+ farming.
Funny, but it took me almost 1.5 hours on normal to beat that bastard. On NG++ all printers died before they could even print :smiley: 120TU light blades on everyone and choo-choo for extra punch.


Its 5 dollars on Steam, I guess I will buy it.

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Better it that a mug of coffe=)
Also, lot`s of funny stuff inside =)

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the printers are vulnerable to stun and daze. a very fast stun/daze/dps team with choo-choo and fast weapons are the best counters for the printers.

i’ve stunned and dazed the 3 other printers with hackers and some other class that i forget, while my specialist crit smg soldier (with as one skill to make every team member attack 1 target simultaneously. very powerful) and left tree fist-kicks cyberninja (the ultimate left tree skill for cyberninja is overpowered atatatatatata on 1 target) almost instantly scrapped the doomed chosen printer. then the process is repeated with other printers.

speed rules in starcrawlers.

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