Started playing again, and I have questions.

Okay I hat not played GD for a while, but a few days ago I was looking at the builds and saw Stupid Dragons guide for a ranged Tactician.

This is how far I am in the build on Normal so far …

I just made it to Fort Ikon at level 41, and now I have a few questions. Now I realise that resistance to Aether and Chaos are very important, but I am not sure about the rest. I seem to remember that Bleeding and Vitality resistance are also very important. With the resistances in mind I got these gloves …


By replacing the gloves in the inventory with the one currently equipped I do lose Pierce resistance. Also I have been using Restless Remains in the gloves so far, but I am a bit hesitant to replace it with Unholy Inscription in order to raise the resistances for Bleed and Vitality. The 3% ADctH has been useful so far. ( In my opinion that is. )

Q1: Am I kidding myself that the 3% ADctH is going to stay useful and would it be better to switch to Unholy Inscription. ( As Stupid Dragon mentioned we could do. )

Q2: Am I correct that from this moment on the most important resistances are these … ( In no particular order btw. )

  • Aether
  • Chaos
  • Bleeding
  • Vitality

And maybe a bit of Poison/Pierce?

All ress on max

Yeah I realise that eventually I need to have them all at 80% ( Plus over capped. :slight_smile: )

For the resistances I meant … are the ones I mentioned in my OP indeed the most important in ACT 4 and perhaps at the beginning of AOM. Are those I mentioned the ones I should raise the first at the moment, that is my question about the resistances.

You don’t really need high chaos res for the end of act4 normal. It’s good to have, but not necessary, especially for the ranged build.

As for AoM you’d need some poison, vitality and bleed for the first part, adding aether and elemental for malmouth. What’s also pretty important is to update the low-armor gear pieces.

Doesn’t mean you need everything capped, having 50+ is fine for normal.

Okay, thank you very much Stupid Dragon. :slight_smile: