Starter Build help wanted

Hello everyone. I never played Grim Dawn before, but I played Diablo and Path of Exile. And I need some help with a starter build, how to build, what to do etc. I hope someoen can help me out, thanks! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

What do you have of the game? Just the base or the expansions as well. Makes a difference to the advice we give you.

Only the base game for now. I’ll get the expensions later on :slight_smile:

Okay, these are somewhat outdated builds, but might provide you with some guidance.

They’re endgame builds as well; sadly not any beginner builds there.

There is this one which was quite popular back then

Although updated for the expansions iirc it’s based on an older version of his so you could ask for help in adapting for the base game.


Would help if you tell what play style you like, ie. pets, caster, melee etc.

If you like pets, then listen to Maya!

Coming from PoE, if you like Cyclone in PoE, I can highly recommend that you try this:

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Yeah but the build is kinda boring. I have an character. I want to try ranged build like guns and stuff. I hope you guys can help me :slight_smile: