Starting FG with a fresh character

Hi all,
So i beat FG np with my Blademaster and was way too easy on Ultimate…
So i want to start a new character in FG. How do we do that ? I notice on Grim calc there are lvl 20 greens in FG, however i made a new character and the dude that appears to take me over to FG is not there. So how do we get there? makes no sense unless i am missing something. Also, I cannot enter Shattered realm mode from the main menu, like crucible mode. Shattered realm not appearing in main menu?

You need to beat Warden Krieg in order the guy to appear.For second char,two things will help you level quicker.One is XP potion from Malmouth resistance reputation and other is Lokkar set.

Ah thanks, yep i know of Lokkar and the potions… hehe almost 6,000 hours in the game :slight_smile: . Thanks for the hints, will go kick kriegs butt now…

PS. I also figured out how to get cash to my new characters right off, but another ?. i got a rune, if i apply that rune to a medal can i dismantle it and get the rune for another medal or is it permanent? thanks for any help.

So with 6k hours you still dont have patience to figure these things out or google them :stuck_out_tongue:

Shattered realm is opened in the conclave of the three, go to the center of the camp and speak to one of the dudes there.

Lol, yes i have patience and i figured out early on that you can access shattered realm at the conclave of the three… Just figured it would be available like the crucible also. Sure i can google, however since fg just came out “Except for the beta testers that is” Their isn’t any real info out there as of yet. I’ll assume you may have been a beta tester and had almost a year to chk it out… Also, i have Grimarillian installed and was not sure if that may be conflicting.
However thank you for the assistance… BTW, I love playing Captain America in this version :slight_smile: