Stash tabs

I don’t care if its done by microtransaction,by dlc, for free or what but plz give us the option to get more transfer stash tabs and i’m not talking just 1 extra as many as we want or at least 20+

im going to talk frank here but having 20 muels to hold all my stuff is a pain in the ass

Check out the mods as Crate have explained why it’s not happening in the official game

If you really have 20 mules packed with gear, then I highly doubt you will ever use 3/4 of all that gear… If you’re REALLY planning to use all that gear, then why not create a character that you plan to use the gear you’re saving, then move some of the gear to their personal stash in the first place? Like, you have the Justicar Set on a mule and you plan on use it… create a char, put the entire set on the shared stash, then grab it with the character you’re planning to use it. Simple.

Some people simply doesn’t know how to manage their stuff…

I don’t agree with the way they handled stash stuff, but it is what it is and I kinda understand their reasoning. Bout 99.9% sure they won’t ever change it though so just do what everyone else does and use a program :stuck_out_tongue:

There is like 3 (4?) different programs in the utilities forum that effectively give you an unlimited stash. Or you can manage multiple stash files manually if you so desire, I’ve got like ~25 full stashes in my documents :smiley: The programs are super simple/fast there is no reason not to use one. There is also a mod that greatly increases the size of the stash pages, but I think the program is a better option just for compatibility. I would personally suggest Mamba’s tool