Stat point distribution question (newer player)

I have a witchblade that I put everything into physique, should I be putting anything into cunning or spirit? Going for a tank build.

I’m also starting to level a blademaster and some kind of caster. As a blademaster, should I be splitting points between physique and cunning or just put enough cunning to be able to use weapons? I know casters need more spirit so they have a larger mana pool, is it a 1:1 split?

Thanks for any advice!

As always, it depends on who you ask! :slight_smile:

In general, attribute points are not build make or break.
I use attribute points to allow me to wear/use gear. I start out putting points into physique for the first 5 or so levels, and then I hold onto them and use them when I want to use a piece of gear i found, but don’t have the stats to use it.

If I’m ranged, I’ll do either spirit or cunning, depending on what my build is focused on. If you look at what weapons you are using, that’s a good indicator of what to put attribute points. In general, Spirit focuses on magic damage (fire, cold, lightning, elemental, poison, acid, chaos, aether), while Cunning tends to be more physical damage.

I’m sure others will be along to provide more guidance. :slight_smile:

For witchblade if you want it to be extra tanky you can go all in physique, cunning and spirit just enough to be able to equip the gear (in most cases is 0).
For blademaster it depends what kind of setup are you aiming, DW, S&B?
For casters in most cases put in spirit just enough to be able to equip gear, no more, rest in physique.
Stating that you can tweak it to your liking, personally I even put some cunning points im my S&B witchblade to up OA, not to mention blademaster.

I was thinking DW for the blademaster.

6-7 in spirit, depends on jewelry you want to use (2-3 more if you decide not to use focusing prism in amulet). Rest you can put in physique or cunning or something in between, depending on personal liking and what do you want to achieve.
Personally I would never go more than 20 pts in physique, less is ok to.