Stat points and gear question

Hi all, I’m coming back to this game after a long absence and I’m going to focus on Hardcore for the achievements. One thing I was never too involved in was optimizing builds in terms of how many stat points to allocate where. I tried a few builds from the forums that were highly exacting on this and it just seemed like too much work.

Looking at the builds now, though, it doesn’t look like it’s as big a deal. If I want to have a tanky, survivable build with acceptable damage to keep it from taking forever, am I allowed to just put everything into strength? Or is there a magic number for cunning or spirit that I need to make sure I hit? I don’t want to get to ultimate and realize I can’t put on any rings or something.


From what I’ve seen, sticking 5-7 points in your Spirit and Cunning is usually enough for the gear requirements you’re likely to see for a Phys character.

For most builds you can comfortably dump all your points into physique up until 70 or so. I usually stop using stat points at 70-75 depending on what class I’m playing just in case.

The only time when you need to be careful and maybe do a bit of planning is if you’re playing a 50/32 caster build made up of 1 or 2 classes that only give 3 points of spirit per level (ie. stun jacks elementalist) and you want to use a high level offhand. Otherwise you’ll end up having to go 50/50 or take some sub optimal devotions to fill the requirements.