Stat Requirements

I’ve noticed some strange interactions when equipping items with stat requirements just above/below my stats. I’m sometimes able to equip items whose requirements are met with my current loadout, but aren’t met once they are equipped because they replaced an item that buffed the relevant stat. I know this must be the case, because when it happens, I’m able to equip the item if I had had a buffing item it its slot previously, but not if that slot had been empty. I’ve mainly noticed it with items with the requirement reduction buff, but I don’t know if the bug is specific to that.

it’s not a bug,
items can carry their own requirement, just like devos can be self supporting
easiest example is if you have a chest that requires 1035 physique, it has 35 physique, and you have 1000 physique without the chest on
if you equip a temp item, like a belt with x physique, equip chest, and remove belt: chest now supports it’s own physique requirement
this can then chain and cascade onto multiple items, which is why it’s important to remember to check what your naked stats are and which items give what attributes/reducts, vs what items then rely on those boosters


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