Stay! Stay! Democratic People's Republic of Korea!

I really didn’t expect buying this to be so difficult to resist. :undecided:

DEVGRU-P [developer] May 13 @ 4:19pm
If you think this is offensive, just wait 'til you play our next game, “Bridge Over the River Kawaii”

Wow. That is… Yeah. Impressive, offensive, both…

On the one hand, it’s just awful. On the other, it’s impressive they made it SO awful that it fits the trope, because that’s not easy.

Holy shit that whole thread. :D:D:D:D

Warning: the Visual Novel tag means what it says. I’ve never bought one of these before, and I assumed it was gonna be like one of those Choice Of games. Nope. I set it on Skip Mode and it took over 20 seconds blazing through text boxes before it actually gave me something to do.

I always want to try these things, but I can’t bring myself to spend real money on them, or have them staring me in the face everytime I load Steam.