(Steam 0.8.3b) Carcasses disappear when added to Storage Cart

I noticed that when my hunter’s lodge is full of carcasses (4) the hunter will still collect carcasses but then deliver them to the Storage Cart (the Storehouse doesn’t seem to have a slot for carcasses). However after delivering them to the cart they don’t appear in the inventory.

Aya is delivering a carcass to the Storage Cart

She returns to butcher meat, but no carcass in cart

She no longer has it either

Most of the time, carcasses end up in the hunter cabins, but on occasion they will be dropped off in this manner. As they are not normally something you need to manage, they are hidden from the general storage, but they do not vanish as far as villagers are concerned.

First of all, I often interact with carasses manually to get hunters to pick them up, usually when I’m bases near a wolf den and for example a guard tower has killed a wolf but the hunter didn’t notice the carcass.

Are you saying the hunter comes back to the cart later once he has room in his lodge, to pick up the carcass and butcher it? Why have a visible category for carcasses on the Storage Cart if it isn’t going to be used? I just don’t understand the logic behind this. At the moment it just seems like a waste of time for the hunters to “delete” the carcass in this manner.

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