Steam- Acess denied


When i open the steam early today, i got this error right away, same as in steamm app

“Access Denied
You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.
Reference #18.6cfa7168.1559061233.30c96e23”

It was working fine yesterday.

Anyone know how to fix it ?

I’ll just assume that you wanted to play GD because it was free and you don’t own it, and the free offer ended therefore you can’t access it. I’m just guessing because you didn’t provide almost any information.

I do have GD.

This error just appear from nowhere, i have no ideia why im getting that.

Yesterday the site was runing with no issues. But today when i open steam store/main page early this morning . This error appear.

Step 1 : restart Steam

Step 2 : reboot

If neither of those fix it, come back and tell us. But so many times it is just steam or windows that bugged out and a reboot takes care of it.

Steam’s spring sale ends in just a few minutes: 10am PDT.

Okay i reboot the router / steam / pc

Still same issue, i cant open steam store or any steam page, even in app.

From what i read it might be some blocking IP/region idk