Steam Controller Review

Posting this here because several Grim Dawners were asking me about it.

If you have comments or questions about this review, let me know here or on Steam (via messaging or in the review’s comments)!

Thanks for posting this, my PC is banjaxed and I was considering a Steam console, cheers :).

Aprreciate the review…been on the fence for a bit on whether to get one or not. Guess that’ll be a no for GD type games

I also have Factorio (and Don’t Starve, Flame in the Flood) and would be interested in how the Steam controller works for you on those type games

Kinda late here, didn’t see this when originally posted.

Very nice review. I had a strong feeling that the steam controller would have these issues, hence why i didn’t get the DKS3 bundle with it. Speaking of DKS, this was my first thought about the controller, i use my thumb on the stick (360 controller) and my index to hold B to run. with the setup on the steam controller that would be impossible. although i could use my thumb for B and index to move the camera, but that would just feel very odd and ineffective.

As you said

The Steam Controller attempts to do too much with too much.
even though i haven’t used it yet that seems to be in line with my original thoughts of the controller.

Thanks for the review man :slight_smile: