Steam Deck & Grim Dawn

Hi there!

Anyone hyped about the Steam Deck?
I think Grim Dawn would be a perfect Game for the Deck and now i´m curious about the performance

i know that there is atm no APU which can be compared directly with the one from the Steam Deck ( VEGA vs. RDNA2 )

but i´m curious if anyone is here playing with - for example - an ryzen 3/5 3200g/3400g or ryzen 5 4500u and if you guys are hitting a GPU Bottleneck @ 720p - in that case that would be great news, cause we can all assume that the GPU from the Deck provides about 40% more performance on the GPU

unfortunately i cant find any benchmarks with grim dawn and these APUs

what are your thoughts about the deck?

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Seems too good to be real, but if everything we heard about it is true then even I might get it. Basically a pc and it’s quite cheap, a worthy replacement for my potato!